Friday, April 24, 2009

Creative Friday x5!

I resolved to catch up on Creative Friday today. I knew I'd gotten behind, for one reason or another. But I thought I only had 3 times to document! Not 5!! Good grief. So, here goes:

1. March 25th

Jill brought a plate of her scrumptious homemade cookies. I really have a hard time sharing these with my family.

So pleasing!

I worked on new birthday tags...

and birthday gifts (coasters). I love fabric as much as I love paper -- they're all textiles to me.

I can't remember anymore what it is that Jill wanted me to try to include in the background of this self-portrait, but I know for a fact that it was not that attractive asphalt!

2. April 3rd

This captures perfectly how we feel whenever we get phone calls during Creative Friday. I'm usually the one who gets calls since we're most often at my house, but this time I was able to catch Jill's impatience. Is it wrong that we don't want any more interruptions than necessary?

This pretty card of Jill's with matching envelope was oh so pleasing to me.

This cracked me up. Jill was doodling and then complaining about how much she hates her doodling. I know what she means, because I get a little irritated with my doodling as well (so meaningless! so repetitive!), but of course I had to document the source of her irritation.

Both in pretty good form. (but me with no lipstick! what the?)

3. April 10th
Jill elected to continue with Creative Friday during the week she was so sick.

This sad sight should have no place at Creative Friday...

Jill cut a bunch of labels. Does anyone else find those little slivers of curling cuttings as compelling as I?

At one point I looked up and saw Jill writing her cards like this. Now there's a sight I'd never seen before -- such a sad commentary on the state of her health!

Yet, look how cute she managed to look, even while sick! (and what am I looking at??)

4. April 17th
Last week was Spring break, so all the kids were able to get together as well. Eva was thrilled to do play-doh and dinosaurs with Whitney, and the big kids played board games and basketball. So fortunate that the mid-week snow had melted!

Jill brought this lovely Easter candy. (Why is it that candy in seasonally appropriate wrappers seems to be even more irresistible than usual?)

I love these!

I didn't even have the energy to put makeup on, even though I knew Jill would still want to take a self-portrait! I told her to focus on her correspondence and to try not to look at me. So scary.

5. April 24th
Today Eva spent a lot of time sitting next to me and asking me innumerable questions. Why do small children ask questions they already know the answer to??

I helped her to discover that she can get on and off the trampoline by herself and thought that might provide some quality quiet time, but her jumping session was all too short.

invitations in progress (this photo's for you, Kristi)

completed invitations (this photo's for you, Jess)

I love Jill's photo cards.

Not a good week in terms of peace and quiet, but at least both of us are feeling much better!


patsy said...

love the recap-

but really LOVE those party invites!! so cute-

I just saw on the news the other day (or somewhere) that people who have meaningful friendships live longer. That makes sense to me- but even if they don't live longer... they live happier lives.

Friendship is worth the investment either way & you ladies are such great examples of that.

Barb said...

Those pink party invitations are darling. Awhile ago Lucy wrote a post about wishing she had a passion like Jay has for running and I am feeling the longing for a passion when I read your Creative Friday(s) recap.

Melinda said...

Those invitation are so cute. You and Jill both should really teach lessons on how to do all that you both do on the computer. I am so out of it.

jenn said...

Eva's invitation is PAINfully cute! And your fabric from the 25th of March is beautiful! I so agree that fabric is as delightful as paper- I wish I had any skill for using it!

Ashley said...

I guess I'm not the only one who had to say how cute those invites are! And Jill's cookies are too tempting--I might have to go make some.

Amy said...

So much! I love your fabric and Eva's birthday invites are insanely cute. I would so love to sneak into one of your creative fridays!

Kelly said...

I thought this title meant you guys had Creative Friday every day this week! Your devotion to getting together even when sick is admirable! I love the pictures of your projects, and always the self-portraits.

Jill said...

How did I not realize that you were so behind in documenting Creative Friday? Wow, it must have been daunting to catch up, but it made for a very pleasing post.

I love the coasters you made for your family and would really like to put in an order for some so I can stop using hot pads for coasters. Fabric coasters make way more sense than the normal kinds.

Claudissima said...

oh my michelle, I am sooo behind it was great to see you guys, it felt like I was there. Great photos and yes, I love textiles as much as paper too! Have never thought of buying maybe just a yard of them....I usually want at least 10 or 15 to do something huge and beautiful....problem, i have 4 duvets/quilts waiting to be done and closed but they are tooooo large to do at my house, not enough clear space or big enough for that of these days....

Kim Sue said...

:o) it all makes me smile - your pictures are terrific and love to see all the goodness that goes on at that table!

shannon said...

What a bevy of delights!--5 creative fridays to lust over in one post! :)

Those invitations for Eva are crazy cute, Michelle!--Holy moly!

Denise said...

I love your invitations and envy your design skills.

I love your photographs--always a delight! Who else could make a cup of medicine look so cute?

I'm sad to see Jill not feeling well. Your photo certainly captures that!

I really love Jill's photo cards.

That photo of Eva coloring has the ultimate perfect window light on her face! That could be a wall portrait! I love her concentrated look.

denise said...

I am so in love with your cute invites. I posted them to my party blog here

I hope you don't mind.

melanie said...

Eva's invitations are adorable, you are so creative. What a gift!

Creative Friday is such a two fold blessing. Keeps you sane as you make amazing gifts to give away. Love it!

Jen said...

ok wow- so this is awesome. i actually really like seeing the progression of creative fridays over time.

what a great pair you two make.

rebekah said...

i had that same tin of crayons when i was little! how funny.

i'm about to endeavor on a coaster project, but i'm decoupaging them. now, of course, i'm wishing i was making some cute fabric ones.

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