Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spring has sprung

It's officially spring here. It's sunny, it's in the 60s, the flies are back, and I saw three birds this morning trying to roost in the artificial flowers on my front door. Yes, it will snow again. But I don't care, I'm declaring it spring. (Eva asks me every day if it's spring yet, and I've been waffling, but no more!)

I dropped Eva off at preschool, and I went to the car wash. I got a deluxe wash, and then I spent about half an hour vacuuming it out. I do love those industrial vacuums. It was the first time I vacuumed out my car since before winter hit, and there were a lot of pine needles, leaves, etc. Not to mention the trash I found under the seats.

After I retrieved Eva, we cleaned the insides of the windows and the dashboard. The combination of being out in the wonderfully springy weather and having a nice clean car was exhilarating! While we were thus engaged, Hannah pulled up to give me a delightful birthday gift:

A loaf of homemade bread that only takes one hour to make from start to finish, the recipe for said bread, darling little miniature cupcake/candy cups, one of her aromatherapy heating/cooling bags, and a very cute "green" shopping bag! My family loved the bread, so that recipe will definitely come in handy.

I did absolutely nothing for St. Patrick's Day (unsurprising to those who know me) except for dressing Eva in green and telling her about the pinching tradition. She seemed highly disturbed by that. At preschool, however, they learned about leprechauns, made rainbow and pot-o-gold drawings, and ate rainbow sherbet. And that's why I pay for preschool, right there, so she can do fun stuff!

I did some laundry, I had a piano lesson, and I spent a long time cleaning up and reorganizing my kitchen. I have two possible spots for my new mixer. I'm trying it in one for now to see how it feels in its new habitat.

I had the windows open, kids were playing outside -- including mine! -- except for Max, who has been down with a fever for two days now. I guess even spring can't keep my kids from getting sick. But my spirits are high, and I'm even thinking about doing some spring cleaning...


rebekah said...

jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. we had spring-ish weather for one day last week, but have been living under a cloud of fog since then. BUT, there are green buds on the trees! AND the cherry blossoms are about to bloom along the tidal basin! that alone is a reason to persevere through each bitter winter.

the first photo in the car wash is very psychedelic.

when jill wrote about your creative friday last week, i couldn't help but think, 'man, i wish i could be eva for a day!' and now you say her day was filled with drawings and rainbow sherbet? we all need to get in on that gig...preschool for adults, it could work.

Jill said...

What a great, productive, spring-delight kind of day! I think washing and vacuuming the car provides an instant pick-me-up.

I don't do fun things for St. Patrick's Day either (I just don't care), but the kids are clueless. They think it's just a day for wearing green.

Having the windows open and spring cleaning going on is one of my favorite things!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You do take the BEST pictures. I love the car wash. I tried to guess before I read it, but you tricked me, I couldn't figure it out.

I'm going to hope that if spring is coming down there then maybe, just maybe it will come up here.

shannon said...

I took our car into the carwash the other day also...it felt so good to have all of the gunk and salt washed away...My kids love it when we go through the automatic wash...

For whatever reason, though, whenever the car starts to move through the wash cycle, I get queasy!--I've been this way since I've started having kids...So I kind of have to close my eyes and breath deep...(since I obviously can't open the windows!)

This is the first year that I actually got "into" St. Patrick's day....I'm usually full of good intentions, but they never pan out...

It sounds like you have spring fever for sure!--(Max literally!)

patsy said...

hailey is home with a 99.5 for the second day now! I don't know what my problem is- but having kids home from school totally throws me off-

What a productive day you had- VERy Impressive.

there is NOTHING better to me than a really clean car :) I love it! I swore when my kids grew up a little I would never have a super messy car again & most the time- it's true!
I too love an industrial vacuum. NOw if I could only clean my house...

HURRAY for Spring being HERE!!!

Coupon Lady said...

Sounds like a perfect day... I need one of those get things done kind of days.

I love a clean car. I wonder why that doesn't make me keep it clean-er?

Hannah's bread sounds perfect. I heard a copy of the recipe is on its way to me too.

Susan said...

I'd give anything for a day like that!

Jen said...

aaaahhhh!!! it's STILL freezing cold here! enjoy the beautiful weather. oh how i miss the lower 48. this weather is killing me.

i love that first photo! it took me forever to realize it was a car wash- not some beautiful piece of glass art!

how does hannah get her bread so perfectly shaped?! and what is that recipe?!

amy m said...

cool shots from the car wash. I love a clean car.

what a lovely surprise from hannah.

Anonymous said...

The car wash shots are AWESOME! I didn't know different colored soaps were involved.

And despite what I said that day- my car still isn't clean! If only my good intentions could always take shape!

I am so glad you were home and able to chat for a minute!

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