Friday, March 20, 2009

five for Friday

1. This morning we saw birds in these artificial flowers again. First of all, I've had these flowers for a few years, so they're really past their prime. Secondly, they obviously don't have any scent. They're not that realistic. So what's with these birds trying to roost in there?? Maybe they got kicked out of the trees for not being so bright...

2. Max still has a fever. He woke up on Monday morning with a fever of almost 102 degrees, which is really high for him, since his normal body temperature is 96 degrees. He had to go to BYU that day for National History Day -- his teacher actually said that they couldn't miss unless they were in the hospital! -- and he had a longer day than his usual school day. I'm sure that worsened his condition. He's been lying on the couch now for four days and his fever goes right back up every few hours when the ibuprofen starts to wear off. I don't think I've ever had a fever last for 5 full days.

Today was a beautiful day, in the high 60s, and I opened the windows. Somehow it managed to get up to 77 degrees indoors, which is on the high side of tolerable for Max and myself. I think it bothered him more than usual today because of his fever. And yet, Marc just told me that he was feeling chilled from the open windows and was going to put on a long-sleeved shirt. Chilled!

3. I got out the vacuum this morning and as soon as I turned it on and started to push it, and the handle just snapped right off! We've had to replace vacuums before due to motor problems, but this was a new one. Marc was going to try to reattach it with duct tape, but couldn't find any, so he pulled this MacGyver move with painter's tape. I laughed, but it stayed on well enough for me to vacuum, so I was definitely glad about that -- there's not much that provides as much instant satisfaction as vacuuming.

4. I had to go back to the ENT today to get my nose cauterized again. (The nosebleeds came back with a vengeance.) Can you believe these plush noses he had in the exam room? Seriously.

I think he was more thorough today, because it took longer and stung more. Also, my nose has been more irritated today. He said, "If we have to do it again next week, so be it." I'm really hoping this will take care of the problem!

5. This girl. Man, there is never a dull moment with her around. A few of her recent comments:

She has been talking like crazy about getting married. (Is this a girl thing? I don't remember the boys ever once talking about getting married.) She thinks about Max getting married -- after his mission. Will he have a pretty wedding cake or a handsome wedding cake since he's a boy? Is it beautiful inside the temple? She thinks about getting married herself and then she will be a mom. She especially talks about being a mom when she is feeling power-hungry.

She has recently decided that it's okay to like girly things. Now everything that can possibly be pink needs to be pink. She wants me to paint her nails, and then as soon as a little of the polish chips off, she wants me to redo it... good grief. The other night was a new level of girl drama -- Marc was helping her brush her teeth, and she was examining her hair in the mirror. She said it wasn't cute because it was wavy and she wanted it to be smooth (boy, can I relate to that!) and that she couldn't go to bed with not cute hair (!!) Seriously.

She said her own nighttime prayers last night for only the second time. She prayed that Max would get better soon. She also prayed that she would be able to make a button necklace, a charm bracelet, and plant pink flowers.

She told me that she woke up last night and then sang herself a lullaby to go back to sleep. (Hallelujah!)

Today she was watching a Land Before Time movie marathon (I approved it for the preservation of Creative Friday) and wanted to eat dinosaur chicken nuggets with ketchup, to represent blood for the dinosaur carnage. Okay, so I made up the carnage part. She just likes ketchup. I guess I have blood on my mind...


shannon said...

MacGyver was always a favorite at our house growing up--
The whole taping thing is such a guy move--he he--but it worked, so that's all that matters...right?

Those flesh colored plush noses do not jive well with me--those didn't strike me as being noses at first!

I think that is the prettiest picture of Eva I've ever seen (I also liked the one of her and your mom at Christmas)

Ellie is so fixated with the whole "when she becomes a mommy" thing--she's obsessed with where I'm keeping her crib and high chair--she wants to make sure that I have them for when she has her babies...
She's currently obsessed with moving to Alaska when she gets married someday?!--what the? No idea where that came from!

That prayer she said is hysterical!

Jill said...

Those birds must be desperate and mentally challenged to be trying to roost in your fake flowers.

I can't even think of the last time I had a fever...childhood maybe?

It was hot in your house today, which is crazy. How in the world can Marc have a chill?

What's up with the vacuum? I tend to think of that one as your new one, but it's been several years so maybe it's not.

I really hope Whitney never takes a liking to nose-shaped stuffed toys. I'm not comfortable with those at all.

That's a darling picture of Eva. She is really a thinker for a 3 year old.

rebekah said...

time heals all wounds, and duct tape mends all broken things...i used painter's tape a few months ago to temporarily hang something on my wall. the low-tack is so handy. and double-sided tape, wow, don't get me started. i love tape.

you should do the ent a favor and burn those toys. can you imagine if all specialists had those kinds of plush toys in their waiting rooms? dis-tur-bing.

those birds will no doubt fly into a window one day. survival of the fittest, etc. natural selection, and all.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You're so right, vacuuming IS instant gratification. I'd never thought of that. Our handle broke like that two vacuums ago and it is terribly, terribly annoying.

The dinosaure chicken nuggests with carnage was funny. Eva's picture is beautiful.

Oh, your nose. I'm so sorry. That is more than terribly, terribly annoying, that is just plain awful. I hope it heals quickly.

amy m said...

I love your flower arrangement. I need to have something like on my door. It's so inviting.

I have been loving the weather too. I'm enjoying all I can because I hear it's suppose to snow Monday or Tuesday.

cauterizing sounds so painful. sorry about the nose bleeds.

Do you ever wondering if life gets duller when they grow up? I hope not. I love the age Eva is at.

Denise said...

Thanks for the reminder that I need to put out my Spring arrangement on my front door. Your mom would die if she could see the ratty thing that is presently on my door, and she'll be here in three days!

Who in the world even thinks to create and mass produce such a horrid thing as a fleshy fur giant stuffed nose?! There's no accounting for other people's tastes. . . .

Has your DNO arrived yet? I hope it helps the bloody nose situation.

Eva just cracks me up. Such a cute picture, too!

Susan said...

Beautiful photos of Eva! Perhaps you could just print a copy and let her see how pretty and girly she is when she goes into all that! I love having a girly-girl, I must admit!

I really have been needing some light hearted smiles, so thank you for the entire account!

Prayers for dear Max.

Jen said...

ok, so the dinosaur carnage comment is HILLARIOUS! so funny. and what a cute picture of eva! girls are so different from boys.

poor max. and poor you with the nose doctor!!! wow!!!

i am more than a bit jealous of your weather. it SNOWED again here. i see zero signs of spring other than the increasing # of random moose on the street. what i wouldn't give for a warm day!

Miranda said...

I found your blog via Denise and after reading this lovely post I decided to peruse through a few more. I think we could be friends.

Anonymous said...

I hope Max is better by now- I mean what is the point of a fever lasting that long? Why can't the germs have their way with him and move on?

I hope your nose doesn't need another session. I can't imagine it smelling that great to get it done.

Eva is awesome. I was laughing so hard about the carnage...

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