Monday, January 19, 2009

mopping monday

My cute cousin Emily came over today for what she terms "Mopping Monday". I tried to dissuade her, saying that that seemed to be a less-than-fun way to spend her day off, but she was insistent. And, in the end, how could I turn down an offer to come over and mop my floors? (perhaps my most dreaded household chore. well, that and making the bunk beds)

Even though my photos came out blurry, I had to document this act of service. Not only did she mop the floors, but she wiped down all the cabinetry as well, something that has been on my to-do list for an embarrassingly long time.

We chatted, and it was fun to hear about her roommate woes and other college happenings. It took me right back to the time when I was a freshman living in the dorms. Emily is not only good-hearted and willing to help, but also highly entertaining. (It's crazy that I don't see Emily and Charlotte more, when they are going to school a mere 20 minutes from my house. I guess I just figure they have a lot more fun/social things to do than hang out with their old boring cousin!)

Emily also turned me on to the charms of Murphy Oil Soap, which is not just for cleaning wood, by the way. I think that somewhere, way back in the annals of my past cleaning days, I may have used this product but have since forgotten about it. Well, I have been converted and picked up a bottle of it for myself this afternoon.

Here's a quick run-down of my day:

7:00 went to the church to help the Priests/Laurels put up flags on all ward members' lawns for the holiday
8:00 after-flag breakfast (pancakes with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, bacon)
8:30 snuggled with Eva and watched Martha Speaks
9:00 cleaned up Eva's room, with her help, and then played dinosaurs
10:00 miscellaneous picking up
10:30 Emily arrived, tandem cleaning
12:15 Emily left
12:30 grocery shopping
1:30 read to Eva, quiet time
2:00 laundry
3:00 attempted to take Lucas to friend's house, car stuck in ice on driveway -- try to shovel, salt, eventually get pushed out by kind neighbors
4:00 made muffins
5:00 went back to the church to help take down all the flags
6:00 made dinner for the kids
7:00 snuggled with Eva and watched another Martha Speaks
7:30 read to Eva and put her to bed
8:00 read blogs
9:00 gave both of my sick boys medicine and sent them to bed; ate a baked sweet potato

It was a good day. A day in which I wasn't rushing around, didn't have to do a bunch of chauffeuring, I was the recipient of service (Thanks, Emily!), I gave some service, my coughing seems to be less frequent, and I actually got a decent amount done. Now I'm giddy about going to bed and reading.


Denise said...

Seeing Emily on your blog made my day! I confess to a bit of jealousy and even a little sadness, as I sure miss having her around here--and not just for her mad mopping skills. But then, you've gotta love a daughter who wears an "I heart Mom" shirt with pride in public.

Tasha said...

Mopping Monday sounds awesome! I read it wrong at first and thought it was "Mopeing" Monday and I was sad that you had a bad day, then I corrected it in my mind. I am so tired...

Anyway, what a good day! I love Murphys Oil Soap, I think it smells like heaven.

Claudissima said... nice to spend time with family. she seems like a very hardworking girl, and i can even smell the wonderful smell of cleaness.

shannon said...

Would you mind forwarding Emily my address?!...I could use a bit cleaning and humor! He He

I envy your day! I always have mother guilt because I have a hard time stopping what I'm doing and playing with my kids...I really need to work on this and make it more of a priority. Don't you find that a little attention goes a long way?--

Jill said...

Emily is a gem, what a thoughtful thing for her to do for you! I love discovering a new cleaning product, so woohoo for that.

Why did the girls end up helping put up flags? I thought that was a job for the scouts.

So now Max is sick too? Oh dear.

Amy said...

Ooh, is mopping Monday going to become a regular thing? Even if not, how wonderful--I hate mopping, too, so I know what a gift that is! Cute cousin, you have!

Susan said...

So fun to see Emily in her cleaning gloves! I know every member of the family is jealous of your gift of service from her, not to mention the entertainment that goes along with it!

Yes, way back in the far reaches of your teenage mind, you should have memories of Murphy's Oil. I always used to use it (in the days when I did my own cleaning). It's definitely a comfort smell for me.

Your list of accomplishments make me feel like you had a very productive day indeed. My days are usually filled with larger, longer tasks. For some reason, although my days are long and usually very busy, those kind of tasks don't seem to feel as productive, why?

I'm not even going to think that more sickness is in the house! There is definitely something lurking in those walls.....

Natasha said...

I want a cousin who mops my floors!

Kelly said...

What a sweet Emily you have! Mopping is one of my unfavorites as well -- that and the shower.

charlotte said...

Emily is the cleaning queen!

Laurie said...

Sounds like a good day.

I like Murphy's Oil Soap too. Have you even used Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products? They're heavenly - they make me want to scrub down the cabinets every day. I'm also in love with their more posh line called Caldrea - expensive, but worth it for the scent.

April said...

Oh how I love my Murphy's.

And I see there is more evidence of angels in your life.

carlo said...

love the Murphy's. my mom always used it and now i use it, too.

funny how that happens!

what a sweet cousin and sorry to hear the boys are sick? i am playing catch up so by now i hope you and the boys are feeling better

Hannah said...

Does she have a sign up sheet? I hate my kitchen floor and all that taking care of it entails. What a fantastic and fun service to offer and receive.

I have never used Murphys Oil Soap- but if you are sold after one use, it must be good!

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