Friday, December 19, 2008

winter wonderland

Winter was slow coming this year, but there is no question about its arrival! I love the way everything looks when it's covered with snow. (I only wish I could stay home in the cozy house and admire it from within -- I've had some white-knuckle driving days.)

I can never resist calling it a winter wonderland.

{in her preschool teacher's backyard}

...but it is fun to come back inside and get warm after freezing outside!


Denise said...

I. Want. That. Hot. Chocolate. Now.

Jill said...

The pictures are all beautiful! Eva looks cute in her hat and coat. Do you add 10 minutes to each departure time when you factor in the time it takes her to make it down the stairs? Ha.

patsy said...

Eva is so darn cute in that hat!

great pictures!!

I love the snow for Christmas-- soon I know I will tire of it, but it is so festive for now :)

Marie said...

Yes. I love the beauty of winter too. It is so clean and white and simple. Love it.

And I love the hot chocolate that comes with it.

So glad to hear about your anti-tuesday. Those are so important sometimes.

rmt said...

Love the snow angel picture. I remember making those as a kid!
Eva looks darling in her red coat and hat.
Your polka-dot mugs are painfully cute!

Natasha said...

Fun to hear your voice!
That hot chocolate looks heavenly!

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic pictures! And Eva is cute as ever. Mya and I watched her descent 3 times :)

I made some dark chocolate hot chocolate today and it was divine with a smidge of cream on top. I don't have a cute mug though. I love yours.

Melinda said...

That is such a cute video of Eva. I love all of the white. Everything is so pretty.

Diana said...

beautiful pictures Michelle. I am with you I love the snow but enjoy it much better from inside my house.

everything pink said...

that snow looks heavenly

Susan said...

Wow! Your photos are just too fabulous.

Eva, too too cute.

You have a gift. I have you.

carlo said...

4 degrees this morn. no snow. just cold and bleak outside

wish we at least had some snow to make the cold "worth it!"

love the snow angel in your angel

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