Tuesday, December 16, 2008

spt -- holiday comfort

I snapped this photo this morning, more as a wish fulfillment than anything else... it mocked me for the rest of the day.

Timeline of a hectic day:

6:45 get up
6:50 get Eva up and snuggle for a few minutes
7:10 wake Max and make Max's lunch
7:30 see Max off to school and check email
7:50 wake Lucas and get breakfast
8:10 shower
8:30 help Mom with her blog
8:45 make Lucas's lunch and take him to school
8:55 get Eva ready for preschool
9:25 take Eva to preschool
9:45 finish makeup
10:00 counseling appointment at Max's school to plan next year's schedule, made more complicated by Study Abroad next Fall (holy crap, he's going to be in 9th grade!)
11:00 visiting teaching
11:55 pick Eva up from preschool
12:05 make lunch and hurriedly feed Eva
12:30 visiting teaching
1:15 mail Christmas packages ($50 in postage!) and get a few groceries
2:00 play with Eva
2:20 start making sauce for vegetarian lasagna
3:00 clean up kitchen
3:25 pick Lucas up from school
3:35 get Lucas a snack and start mixing up dough for Hannah's chewy ginger cookies (while we were visiting teaching, Eva said she wanted to go home and make Christmas cookies, and the woman we were visiting told her she could! what the? Then she was fixated on making cookies...)
4:00 take Lucas to Scouts
4:10 piano lesson
4:45 finish cookie dough
5:00 pick Lucas up from Scouts
5:10 make dough for spinach lasagna noodles
5:25 take a break to talk Eva down from a major tantrum (no nap, very tired)
5:35 make noodles with pasta machine and assemble lasagna
6:00 lasagna in the oven, change into Sunday clothes
6:30 take Max to the church for string ensemble rehearsal
7:00 Young Men/Young Women Christmas program
8:45 home & eat dinner
9:00 start baking cookies and cleaning up kitchen again
9:30 read mail and toss the junk
10:00 several trips downstairs
10:30 load some CDs into iTunes and run dishwasher
11:00 load photos, blog
11:45 I'm putting myself to bed!

It was just one of those days where I was overscheduled and was rushing from one thing to the next, constantly. No down time, no recovery time inbetween activities. I hate those days.

Today I definitely felt my peace and serenity going up in smoke. I could have gone to bed at 9:00, but I decided that cleaning up would bring me more comfort than sleep. I knew I couldn't wake up tomorrow and face the chaos. So I didn't relax on the couch today, but I guess I found a different kind of comfort.

And. AND... Marc brought home another early Christmas present tonight. I gave him the look that means, "Why? Why does it have to be early? Why can't you wait when you know I love to wait?" But he couldn't wait.

It was a new, shiny black 500GB external hard drive. With much of our old data recovered and loaded onto it! My documents, recovered! My fonts, recovered! Not everything, but enough. Enough to provide another measure of comfort, for sure.


Tasha said...

That post made me tired too! You were a busy girl today!
Miss you Shell!

patsy said...

oh man-
I hate those days... it seems like there are a lot of them this time of year.

Marc- saves the day again! good news getting all that stuff back, but ya I understand wanting to wait & not wanting to wait. Can you believe Christmas Eve is only a week away??

I hope this is the last really hectic day for you before Christmas.

Natasha said...

What a day, whew!
Do LOVE that tree though!

Jill said...

Reading about your day was stressing me out, what a crazy busy day. I'm so glad it's over and so glad we can get together for Creative Wednesday as a nice contrast to such craziness.

Hooray for the recovered data and the new external hard drive!!

Liz said...

Your day sounds sort of like my days the past week. It is so crazy at Christmas time! I hope you get a little more relaxation time on the couch today!

P.S. Now that extra early Christmas gift is awesome! We just got an external hard drive for Christmas too!

Jeanette said...

Whew! That made me tired. Hope you can find some couch time today.

April said...

That tree is seriously the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

Ann said...

Isn't it funny when men can not wait to give you a present. That was pretty cute and needed it sounds like.

By the way, I would have fallen apart by 12:30...you have some super mom skills.

Barb said...

Man, when good pictures go bad - mocking you all day! Your tree looks wonderful. My tree is clearly too bare, but I hate to put up decorations I don't like so, serves me right.

Lene said...

Those days just make me tired. Lately it seems like I am suppose to be in 3 different places at once.

The monkey bunch said...

sounds like my days since my husband left for Iraq. Thankfully, those days are coming to a close. I don't think I could handle it much longer. It wears a body out!

rmt said...

Oh my goodness, your list just kept going on and on. What a crazy day. I'm glad you survived it. Kudos!

Hooray to recovering your data!

Melinda said...

I am glad you were able to recover a lot of your files. That is a huge relief.

I hate days like this also. It is too much and not enjoyable. What is with that lady telling Eva she can make cookies? I would have thanked her for volunteering to come over and bake with her and asked when I could expect her or to drop Eva off at her house to bake?

Denise said...

I totally relate to choosing clean-up over an early bedtime, even after a day such as the one you describe. Controlling clutter in my environment really does give me a measure a comfort and peace as nothing else can.

Anonymous said...

I thought I commented on this already...but wow. Being you would make me tired :) At least this isn't a snapshot of your everyday, right?

You are superwoman. We need to hang out after the holidays. Mya needs Eva to play with. Yea for your shiny new hard drive!

carlo said...

Amazement in this post

Your wonderful hubby (though not really amazing, you are amazing so of course he should be, too!)

Study abroad and nineth grade. YOu soon will have a high schooler?

And your hectic list-- WOW. And without coffee?


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