Monday, December 01, 2008

holiday cheer

Despite the fact that I got a migraine on Thanksgiving night, and a cold followed swiftly thereafter, I've been feeling a lot of holiday cheer.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Marc's family.

On Friday, we put up our Christmas tree and many of our decorations. Max and Lucas put up their tree all by themselves.

On Saturday, we went to see The Savior of the World in the Conference Center theater. On the whole, I think it was very well done, even though Marc said it could have ended after the first half. I liked the singing (and I don't always like the singing in shows). Afterwards, we had a family dinner with all of Marc's family -- his sister Lisa's family was in town from California.

On Sunday after church, we set up Eva's tree.

She was utterly delighted, as she doesn't seem to remember anything about last Christmas. She wanted to do almost all of the ornaments herself, resulting in a large majority of them being at the bottom of the tree. It's perfect.

Today was a big mail day:

Most of it was gifts I ordered on eBay, but there were also catalogs and Church magazines to peruse. But most exciting was this package from Rebecca:

I am torn because I can't wait to try it, yet I don't want to disturb its simply perfect packaging! (How funny is it that I didn't notice there was writing on the back of the note until I looked at this picture?) Thanks, Rebecca!

I'm finished decorating (Marc helped a lot), I'm making projects, I've finished my advent tree (photo tomorrow), and I have started shopping. Lots of holiday cheer.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

This is indeed a cheery post. I love your header too.

I can't wait to see your advent photos and your projects.

Kelly said...

I love your new header, too!

It's so nice to start December feeling holiday cheer. I was skeptical that I would be able to manage it, having not adjusted to this warm weather equaling winter yet. But, I'm actually feeling it, hooray!

Jill said...

I love your new banner, it's super festive!

You're all decked out for Christmas, woohoo! No wonder you're feeling the cheer. We decorated outside on Saturday, but haven't done inside yet.

patsy said...

Oh I love all of the holiday cheer here!
The banner is perfect-
I am trying to get back in the holiday swing of it. We went to St. George, it was so warm and sunny... it threw me totally off.

This post helps!

wende said...

i felt a little more cheery just reading your sweet post and seeing your new banner! so darling!

that soap looks fantastic! where can we order it? :)

rmt said...

Michelle, your blog is just so cheerful and pleasing! I love it.

I'm sorry that you got sick, and I hope you're feeling much better now. That's just flat out no fair to get a migraine on Thanksgiving. Ug.

Wow, that is a good mail day! Love the package from Rebecca.

I think it's darling that your kids have their own trees! I think I might just have to borrow that idea! I love it.

carlo said...

oh that banner is delightful! fuzzy and squishy-- i love it!

you did a lot with a migrane and head cold- impressive.

i too have ordered a lot. i find that i am swayed too much in the stores. impusle buys and all.

love eva's tree. aren't they the sweetest? ellie still finds the whole process so magical. i am hanging on to that with all of my heart. i know it won't last forever...

yummy soap, too!

rebecca said...

Hope you are feeling better!
So glad you got the soap. I am making a few more batches, I love it so!
I, too, love that your kids get their own trees - how charming!

shawna b. said...

I'll say that is a lot of holiday cheer! Eva's tree is darling - I love the big star on top. And what is that beautiful dress in the background? And the little wreath? That is a great room for a girl!

Anything Rebecca makes is a treasure. I don't blame you for being torn about whether or not to use it. I would feel the same way!

Happy holidays, Michelle! I can't wait to see your advent tree!

shawna b. said...

PS - Your new banner/header/whatever the correct term is, is perfectly festive!

Amanda :-) said...

Look at the face on that little snowman in your banner! That's hilarious!

I'm amazed you've been able to do all this with having had a cold. Wow. You're racing along!

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