Friday, December 12, 2008

five for friday

1. After leaving a Winegar family Christmas party in Salt Lake last weekend, it took 40 minutes for us to drive the few blocks from Marc's parents' condo to the freeway. 40 minutes. It normally takes about 5. We got to a light where I was planning to turn left, and this policeman was in front of us. When the light turned green, he put his lights on, parked his car, and walked away to parts unknown. What the?

I sat there, trapped, for 3 cycles of lights, until someone in the right lane finally let me over. I have no idea what that police officer was doing or when he returned.

Remind me not to go to SLC again in December. Oh wait, we have to do it again next weekend...

2. This just makes my heart happy! It's the little things like this that I cling to when I feel my sanity is threatened.

3. Ditto. I caught this sunset this evening. The color of the setting sun on the mountains is great all year round, but there's something I particularly love about the pink of our Winter sunsets. I just happened to see it, and I grabbed my camera. 5 minutes later, it was all gone. It seems remarkable somehow, to be able to see something so beautiful and so fleeting every day.

4. Jill came over today for Creative Friday. I don't want to go out on a limb and say it was the most chaotic one ever, but... it might have been. Lucas finally returned to school today, after missing the whole week, only to call me and tell me that his gums were swollen and he needed to come home. Well, I didn't quite know what to make of that, never having heard that reason for missing school before. I talked him into staying until after lunch and then calling me if the situation hadn't improved.

Sure enough, he called again. When I went to pick him up, I inspected said gums, only to find a huge abcess! Guilt, guilt. (Can a mother ever escape guilt?) He did NOT have an abcess when I took him to school this morning. I was shocked that such a thing could develop during his short time away. Long story short, the pediatric dentist met us at his (closed) office. Apparently, Lucas's tooth is cracked and an infection took up residence. Never mind that he is already on antibiotics! It will need to be extracted, but evidently novacaine doesn't work properly when an infection is present, so it would have been extremely painful to pull it out today.

The dentist prescribed a different, stronger antibiotic to clear up the infection, as well as liquid Lortab! Who knew? My 9-year-old has pain meds now -- that is a first for us! And, get this, he is going out of town on Monday but doesn't want to let the problem linger for a week (good call), so we have to go in at 6:00 a.m. on Monday to get the tooth pulled. Huh. I didn't see that coming.

Anyway, Jill ended up leaving my house at 1:30, as we left for the dentist. It was a short Creative Friday. So short, and so chaotic, in fact, that I did not get one thing done! Not even one cut of paper! Oh well. Good thing it's about a lot more than productivity, eh? Jill still had half a cup of ice left as she departed, and that has never happened before. It was a sad commentary on our day. I'm so glad she was there to laugh with me. What else could we do?

5. Seriously? That is just for Lucas and Eva. The stuff Marc and Max are taking doesn't need to be refrigerated. (Technically, neither does the Lortab, I just thought it made for a better visual.)

I am the last holdout, and I have to stay strong. Somebody has to take care of everyone else.

Bonus #6: I made these today, because I really needed a treat. Marc just told me that they are his Kryptonite. That just cracked me up.


Natasha said...

Making the best of it is right! I cannot believe that happened to Lucas' tooth - poor little guy!!

That pic of Eva peacefully coloring by the tree is a heart melter.

Chocolate covered rice krispies sure can make lots of things better - yum!

Anonymous said...

You can't catch a break!

We have had the same cop thing happen and it IS maddening.

The tree and mountain pictures are stunning. I love our pink winter sunsets as well, but never take pictures.

Poor Lucas- oh man. I am so sorry that it happened on a Friday of all days. I am glad he is being swiftly taken care of, but 6am on Monday? Need to bring Eva over while they do it? We are up if you need it!

And yes, I understand all to well the need to make a treat after a day like that. Marc cracks me up.

Kelly said...

Oh, Michelle! What a week. That is crazy about Lucas's abscess. I had no idea things could progress that fast with those. Yikes! Your refrigerated medicine picture is too telling. Let's hope you guys are just getting all of the sickness out of the way at the beginning of the winter this year.

And can I just say, you have the best labels in all of blogland. They make me smile every time.

Jill said...

How could that policeman just stop in front of you and then not direct traffic and let you through? Crazy.

That picture of Eva is darling. Can you even remember a time when it was comfortable to lie on the floor like that? I can't.

I took mountain sunset photos last night too! It was so beautiful.

Yesterday's Creative Friday was definitely NOT the most chaotic we've had. It may have been the strangest, but not the most chaotic. I think you deserve some sort of grand Smotherhood award for doing all that you do. I would not be in good form if I was as smothered as you are.

The prescriptions in the fridge are insane. There should be an express aisle at the pharmacy just for your family!

rmt said...

Oh, dear. Poor Lucas. Abcessed teeth are so painful. That was a great call from your pedodontist to put him on an antibiotic for the weekend--the anesthetic will work so much better if the infection clears out a bit. Good luck with the exraction. Poor kid.

The very thought of driving in Salt Lake in December makes me feel as though I'm having a minor nervous are so brave to even attempt it. I hope things go better next weekend.

Hang in there!

Amanda :-) said...

Michelle, if it's any comfort to you, I think you're doing a SPLENDID job of everything given the circumstances of it all. All those medicines!! Isla's on one antibiotic at the moment for an ear infection. She only started them on Thursday and I've already missed one dose tonight. Durr!

How did Lucas crack his tooth?? Poor little fella. And what a time to have to go in for the extraction. I hope the experience doesn't put him off dentists at such a young age; I like to think he'll just be so thankful to be rid of the pain.

Oh, and love too that you have a post label entitled 'Making the Best of It'!

crystal said...

"Can a mother ever escape guilt?"


Susan said...

I'm going to start looking for my kryptonite.

WAY cute picture of Eva.I can't wait to get her on my lap! Poor little Lucas. Tooth pain in the pits.

Hang in there!

Barb said...

That's a whole lotta labels on this post. What a day/week! I love that you caught the good moments - coloring under the tree, pretty sunset.

wende said...

sorry about all the antibiotics. yikes.

i think it's important that every wife has some kind of "husband kryptonite" in her repetoir. you'll have to remember this recipe next time you want something that marc doesn't think is a good idea. :)

Marie said...

The colouring under the tree picture was my favourite. Aimee always wants the only light in the living room to come from the tree.

April said...

I agree with Kelly, the best labels (and the best banners in blogland).

I hate it when the school calls. I always feel like an idiot. Once Savannah had a broken arm for four days before I took her to the doctor.

That picture of Eva is just priceless. I have yet to get my youngest in see the merit of quiet coloring. And the sunset on the!

I have been admiring your non-stressful, "peaceful Christmas" and trying to follow your example.

Claudissima said...

seriously....I can't believe all the mayhem...poor you. I think you needed that treat more than anything. What a day....hope Lucas is feeling better, there is nothing worst than tooth or ear ache....
well, the foot ache is up there too......hope yours is not that bad anymore.
Mine is getting better. I found some exercises that are helping.

Denise said...

Please pass the Kryptonite!

Now my question is answered; I've been catching up on blog reading from the top down, and was wondering why in the world you would have to go to the dentist so blasted early in the morning!

Hope everyone is feeling better.

carlo said...

you said it right-- mothers can't escape the guilt

poor you and poor, poor lucas. ugh.

and kryptonite should be a label...hmmm, what would i file under that one

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