Thursday, December 25, 2008

the Christmas syndrome

On Christmas Eve morning, Mom and Eva were mixing up sweet roll dough and making cinnamon bread, cinnamon rolls, and caramel-pecan rolls.

Mom asked for some ammonia to help clean the dough out of the Bosch, and I had to move some other things out from under the sink to reach it.

When I pulled out a large bottle of floor cleaner, I discovered -- much to my surprise -- that that bottle was the only thing holding the pipes together. As soon as it was displaced, a large chunk of the pipe fell off, sending water gushing everywhere.

How there was no leaking before is a mystery! The pipe was completely eroded away.

How fortuitous that we had a handyman visiting! (Can you imagine having to call a plumber to come out on Christmas Eve?)

Dad said it was the Christmas syndrome. Last year the furnace, this year the pipe. I have only two things to say about that.

1. I sincerely hope that the Christmas syndrome does not continue beyond two years.
2. I sincerely hope that my dad is here should the Christmas syndrome ever manifest itself again.


lelly said...


i was just thinking about your furnace episode the other day. what is the deal with Christmas syndrome?!?

Jill said...

This is a much better case of Christmas Syndrome than last year when you were freezing your nards off! I'm so glad Sneelock was there to save the day or this could have turned nightmarish on you. Is he doing random pipe testing, wall taping, lint guard fixing and walk salting while he's in town just in case?

shannon said...

I really think there's something to the "Christmas Syndrome"..It manifested itself at our house this year in the form of strep throat for all 3 of my kiddos as well as a peanut in the nose incident. I think these things happen to test our sense of humor. (Mine was rusty)

carlo said...

wow, that is huge! so glad your dad was there. what a help and a gift

rmt said...

Um, WOW! I remember your nightmare last Christmas...that was just awful.

Thank Heavens your dad was around!

Hannah said...

What the? This just isn't right! I am so glad that your dad was there, I can't even imagine a Christmas Eve plumber's bill!

I am cracking up with Jill's comment about last year. I haven't heard 'nards' in a long time.

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