Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

(First of all, I just have to say how much I regret not thinking to take video on Christmas Day! What the? Sometimes I think I need a manual for life. Or a personal assistant...)

I woke up at 7:00 and Lucas was on the computer, having walked into the kitchen without allowing himself to glance in at the stockings. Everyone else woke around 8:00 and we got started on seeing what Santa brought -- possibly my favorite part of Christmas Day.

Max and Lucas opening their stockings. I was telling Marc that I really didn't get that much from Santa this year. Then Lucas said, "I think this is the most Santa has ever brought us!" It's nice that they're easy to please.

Eva playing with a finger puppet from her stocking. She said, "Santa brought so much stuff! How did he get it all here?!" Seriously. It doesn't just happen on its own, you know?

After opening stockings, we have breakfast. This year it was my favorite caramel-pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls with plenty of frosting, and cinnamon bread, thanks to Mom's hard work on Wednesday. Egg nog, chocolate milk, and hot punch as well.

Marc gave me a beautifully-designed cookbook with great quotes sprinkled throughout. I can't wait to read it! Also a novel with hedgehog in the title (I didn't see that coming), and a new set of Rubbermaid containers. He was so thrilled when I threw away the old ones. Oh, and a new computer and hard drive, of course!

I mentioned sort of as an afterthought that we needed new flatware. So, of course, Mom brought us this set (from her store) adorned with fleur-de-lys! It is seriously nice to be the daughter of someone with such style.

Most exciting are the new light fixtures they brought for our kitchen, the draperies that were a Christmas gift last year but are now here and installed, and the wonderful entryway transformation that my dad put into effect (details to follow). It almost feels like having a new house!!

Lucas was completely surprised and thrilled to get a cute little red camera from my parents. It's got 10 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, and a ginormous viewfinder -- not bad for a 9 year old, eh?

He was also excited to get a basketball and a football. I could not be more surprised about having an aspiring athlete in the family.

Denise sent a gift for my mom to give to a vile man who has mafia-like tendencies and has been out to get her for years. It was the "Be Nice or Leave" sign that Chanel made me for the first year of Pink Christmas. We got such a laugh out of that!

Max got a new bow for his cello. It took both sets of grandparents going in on it with us, and the music store giving me a 20% discount for us to be able to get it.

Knowing very little about string instruments, I had no idea what a big difference a good bow makes. His violin-playing grandfather is thrilled. His teacher is thrilled. Max is thrilled. And I'm so happy we were able to surprise him in a big way.

This was also the first year that Max got men's clothing. He now wears a men's small. It is freaking me out a bit. As Denise says, "when did this man-child come to live in my house?"

Even Jack got some Christmas treats, thanks to Marc's parents.

They gave us a set of Henckel knives -- I am so excited! I have never had a sharp knife, a crime for someone who loves to cook. Smashed bread no more.

This tea set was a big hit with Eva. Mom suggested that we never give her the idea of actually putting anything in it -- brilliant! I would have made that rookie mother-of-a-girl mistake.

Other gifts that were hits: pediatrician Barbie (yes, you read that correctly), Littlest Pet Shop town and animals, puzzles, Land Before Time DVDs and stuffed animals.

I love pretty packages!

I love them.

LOVE them.

Like, it's a little bit hard for me to open them, that's how much I love them.

We watched the snow fall. We listened to Christmas music while opening our gifts. We ate leftovers for dinner, with the addition of shrimp cocktail. Most of us had a short nap and then we had a relaxing night. Perfect.


Jill said...

I have never known anyone who wraps presents as beautifully as your family does, you all have a gift for gifts!

It looks like it was a magically great day.

I can't wait to see all the changes your dad has been making around the house, it's like a Christmas miracle renovation!

Hannah said...

I second Jill- I have never known anyone who wraps the way you all do!

Your whole day and how you tell it sounds wonderful.

I look forward to seeing the Sneelock make over!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I don’t know which line I liked best:

"Be Nice or Leave"

"I could not be more surprised about having an aspiring athlete in the family."

"It is seriously nice to be the daughter of someone with such style."

"Sometimes I think I need a manual for life."

"I would have made that rookie mother-of-a-girl mistake."

Or which package. They're beautiful.

I’m also inspired by your mother looking model perfect in every picture.

Elisa said...

Lovely Christmas. I agree with Jane, this post was full of fun one-liners!

It's so hard for me to have it all over with.

Natasha said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL day and how nice that your children were all pleased and thankful for everything they received.
I love how you showed us pics of the wrapped gifts and food.

Barb said...

I'm impressed with how many pictures you took! It is hard to enjoy AND photograph the moment. You really would need a *Whitehouse Photographer* to get Christmas covered any better than this!

Denise said...

If you ever find that manual for Life, please forward me a copy. It sounds rather useful!

I'm glad you all got a kick out of Bernard's gift. I giggled to myself all the while I was wrapping and sending it, thinking of your Christmas morning. It's so fun to anticipate the reaction of a silly joke gift.

That photo of Jack is quite endearing, I must say.

I should have warned you about the cost of a good bow. We bought Charlotte a good one for her violin a number of years ago. I can't imagine what a good one for a cello costs! (Charlotte's teacher's bow--I repeat BOW--was worth $150,000. Go figure). Thankfully hers was not that much. . . .

Denise said...

P.S.: We also had caramel-pecan rolls and hot punch! We were breakfasting together in spirit.

That silverware is seriously cute.

Tasha said...

I am so jealous of that flatware! It is beautiful!

Kim Sue said...

wonderful! Carly came up with using some small pompom balls in her tea set when she was little. She loved that she actually got to pour something and I loved that she came up with a way to do that without spilling water and food all over her room :o)

Kim Sue said...

oh, and this summer when Eva is playing in the pool, a tea set is awesome for the pool!

Esther said...

Oh, Michelle, what beautiful wrapping...your morning breakfast looks delightful. Can you post the recipe for the pecan rolls or email it to me???? They look absolutely delicious:-)

I'm glad that your family had a beautiful Christmas!

Susan said...

You have the best blogging friends!

I'm glad I can be one of them.

patsy said...

it was so fun to read this post!

what a great day- I don't think I know of any other family with as much style & great taste as yours!!
you have such a great way with gifts

I loved seeing what the kids got for Christmas & yes please post the pecan roll recipe!!

carlo said...

oh my. so much beauty in this post but i am focused on the mean person tormenting your sweet mom.

what in the world, as jill would say.

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