Friday, November 21, 2008

five for friday

1. I got an email today from a grocery store in Paris. I used to shop there sometimes because they offered a delivery service -- so convenient when you don't have a car, or an elevator. I don't remember giving them my email address, but I guess I must have, because I had a message addressed to Mme. Olivier and containing some exciting information about their new products. It cracked me up.

2. Max had his first concert of the year on Tuesday. Eva is sick and we knew she wouldn't do well, so Marc stayed home with her and Lucas and I attended the concert.

The difference between beginning orchestra and intermediate is unbelievable. Beginning is a little hard to sit through. Now that Max is in intermediate, it is much more enjoyable.

Apparently they watched a recording of their concert the next day in school, and Max was dismayed that it didn't sound as good in playback as he thought it was while playing. That cracked me up as well. I asked him what he thought was bad about it and he said "intonation". My thoughts exactly, but I was too polite to come out and say it. Let's just say I'm more excited about hearing him play in the Utah Valley Youth Symphony concert on Monday.

3. This week's game was Monopoly. We had a rousing game that lasted two days and ended in Max winning, laughing maniacally as he brought us all to our knees in bankruptcy. Hmmm. Strange the way our Millennium Monopoly board photographs -- it doesn't really look quite so rainbow-ish.

4. I made chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles for the first time. The noodles were a lot easier than I thought and definitely worth the effort, as homemade noodles are so delicious. For those of you who asked, here's the recipe I used. (With a name like Four Generation Soup, I had to try it!) It was just a touch bland for my tastes, so next time I think I will add some poultry seasoning and a little more salt and pepper than I used.

5. I took Lucas and Eva to the dentist on Wednesday. Eva was feeling a tad nervous, so it was good that her big brother could show her the ropes. While he was getting a sealant, she stood by with her hands on his shoulder and plenty of reassuring words. That cracked me up as well.

I'm seeing a trend here in things that made me laugh. I guess those stood out because this week, with a sick girl and many very early morning wakings, I needed all the laughs I could get!

p.s. A little link love for those of you who asked about the FHE in a jar site. I have yet to find a cute jar like Jill's.


stacy{s} said...

such a darling family you have..sick and all!

I'm 99.9% sure that Jill's FHE jar is from IKEA. I've got lots in my kitchen. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe! I put off making it a night in hopes that you would post yours. I can't wait to try it with your suggestions! Homemade noodles are to die for aren't they?

I love that you play games at night with your boys. I so look forward to those days!

That picture of Eva is way cute. I hope after having fillings that Mya feels like a pro in the chair. Time will tell.

Jill said...

That's funny about the email from Paris, Mme. Olivier.

The thought of sitting through any orchestral concerts sounds very unappealing to me, but especially the beginners, ugh.

I've never seen that version of Monopoly before. I only like buying things at the beginning of the game, then I don't want to play anymore (that doesn't sound like me at all does it?).

I love homemade noodles! I remember my mom making those when I was a kid and I would swipe the dough to eat while they were drying on the counter.

Eva's little pep talks are funny. She seems to be very encouraging to everyone unless she's in the throws of fear herself.

patsy said...

I think they sell jars like that at Ikea...
sorry about the illness- bummer-
I hear loads of junk is going around. My kids don't know it, but we are going in for flu shots tomorrow morning. It could get ugly.

I wish I could go see the symphony with you!! Oh how I love the symphony, especially the youth symphony. My violin teacher growing up played in the SEattle youth symphony & sometimes she would take me to the performances. I am the world's biggest idiot- talked my mom into letting me quit because of cheerleading!!! HOW AWFUL IS THAT?!
I love that you play games like that I bought the new monopoly for christmas- now that trent's a little older I'm hoping we can keep all of the pieces together long enough for a couple of games.

Susan said...

I was wondering if Eva could furnish me with a little pep talk?!

TX Girl said...

You are cracking me up too.

- I love that you were too polite to mention where you thought he was a little rough

-I love that y'all do game night. We have puzzle play and that seems to work with our 4 year old.

-I love how Eva is trying to reassure her brother.

But most of all I love that initially I thought you were playing some kind of disco monopoly. Although I know now it isn't true, I prefer to remember it my way :)

thanks for the recipes, FHE jar instrucitons.

Amie said...

Thanks for the link to the FHE jar. I just saw really cute jars on the baking aisle of a grocery store.. I am trying to remember which one... they made me think of this project.

Thanks for the noodle recipe too. I have been meaning to try that for so long but I am always in a hurry and don't do it. Jimmy's grandma makes them and we love them. For now, I use the ones they sell at Costco... which I am also very fond of.

carlo said...

oh my- homemade noodles? would love to try them but eek! sounds difficult. i will have to check out your recipe!

wende said...

oh yum, four generation soup sounds wonderful. i would have to make a few extra noodles for the dough snatchers at my house!

i love the orchestra, even the beginners. i don't know why but i've always loved concerts of any kind, especially when they're kids! good luck on monday max! that is so exciting!

carlo said...

had to laugh b/c i had an email this week from our cottage town in michigan announcing the newest venture to open-- a proper coffee shop! wahoo! of course it is on my list.

were you sad to get the email b/c it brought back memories? i was sad for a minute b/c i so want to go back sooner than the summer.

just wondering!

Natasha said...

I want to try your noddles recipe too. I have never attempted that before but I remember that Tasha made me chicken noodle soup once when we lived just down the street from each other in grad school (I was either sick or pregnant, I guess) and it was a bite of heaven!

Thanks for all of the comments you left on ALL of my posts today. I appreciate it and feel sorta like we just sat down and had a visit! ;)

Natasha said...

I meant "noodles." Too many fires on my burner right now and I was rushing.

Amy said...

I would love to make homemade noodles but have never thought of it. We used to do them on my mission in Taiwan..they were so fast & simple. Thanks for the link!

Diana said...

yum homemade noodles.
That monopoly game is craking me up.
thanks for the FHE link.

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