Thursday, October 09, 2008


Yep, that's all I've got right now. Miscellany.

Last week at book club, Jenn brought us all Halloween treats:

Check out the cutest popcorn container in the world! A damask in Halloween motifs and colors! I don't know how they come up with these things -- oh Target designers (or designers that Target has knocked off), I love it.

Lucas was complaining of an earache that was worsening, so I took him in to the pediatrician on Friday afternoon. Nope, nada. Ears were fine, throat was fine, no sinus infection. Not that I want my kids to be sick, of course, but I just love going in and paying that co-pay to find out that nothing is wrong. Like Jill says, it seems like we ought to have a fast-track with this office. Or at least a punch card. (And what's with that last name on the list? That can't be for real, right?)

In between conference sessions on Saturday, Eva and I ran to Target to buy some plastic organizer drawers for her closet. (Jessie had some in Bella's closet and they were just the perfect size and depth for organizing those pesky toys.) I found them -- on sale even! -- and embarked on a complete reorganization of her room. I finished it on Monday, and I am ever so pleased with the results. Her room is actually clean now and seems to be maintainably so. I forgot to take pictures, oops!

On Tuesday night for Young Women, the Laurel class went to Provo High to watch one of our girls play volleyball. It was very close, but we won! (Orem High) I don't think I've been to an event like that since I was in high school, oh the memories.

Our YW president is Elder Oaks's daughter. I told her that I had heard from several people how impressed they were that her dad used the word "texting" in his talk in Conference. She got a kick out of that and said she would pass it on to him. (This is one of those cases where even 15% of my face is too much to be in the self-portrait. Yikes.)

We saw this license plate on a 15-passenger van in the parking lot. Yep, a family that has 12 kids -- 6 boys and 6 girls. I'm not even joking.

On Wednesday I varnished the bookshelf that has been sitting in our garage for over a year!! Marc found it at a BYU surplus sale for $10 and painted it black. It is six feet long and has sliding glass doors. After much searching, I found the shelf brackets we need and now I can dream without despair of being able to unpack all of my books again! So exciting. (Of course I didn't take a photo. I've been such a slacker with the documentation this week.)

Fall is finally here! I've seen leaves turning, the temperatures have definitely been dipping (especially at night), and I saw this cool tree when I dropped Eva off at preschool.

(anyone know what this is?)

And speaking of preschool, Eva went 3 times this week! Her teacher offered to have her make up the days she missed when I was out of town, oh joy! I'm not sure what happened, but she finally decided that it would be more fun to be happy and cooperative at preschool (instead of refusing to participate, like she did last week). Now every morning she informs me that she is going to be happy and good and a grown-up girl. Good choice!

Her teacher has an apple tree with an overabundance of apples this year. She had a couple of bushels of them on her porch with bags for carrying them home. We filled a bag and Eva ate two apples today!

Today during preschool time, I turned on the Relief Society broadcast and watched/listened while I cleaned. I finally heard President Uchtdorf's talk that I've heard so much about -- oh my. Wonderful. And how about this line from Sister Beck's talk?

"Without personal revelation, we cannot succeed. With it, we cannot fail."

I needed that.

Well, that's about all I have, unless you want to hear about how I cleaned out my disgustingly dirty oven today. No? I thought not.


Kelly said...

That license plate cracked me up -- we have a similar one only with our family stats.

I wondered about that last name, too. It's a good name if you're in medicine, I suppose!

patsy said...

that liscense plate- oh my... that's double my family. I can't even imagine.
that doctor's name? no way??! really? you've got to ask!

I love this post. I have been such a lame blogger this week- this gives me some ideas. I just feel like there is nothing to say!

Jill said...

Wow, you've been super productive this week...woohoo!! I will have to check out Eva's newly cleaned and organized room when I come over today (I should NOT be blogging right now by the way).

It's funny to think of Elder Oaks' daughter passing on info from you.

Eva's teacher is so nice to let her make up the days she missed, I've never heard of a teacher doing that before.

wende said...

i love miscellany! my whole life is miscellany, but you make it interesting!

oh how i love target, i am always oooing and aahhing while i'm there.

and twelve kids? wow, i guess they have to be pretty happy about it if they're doing up license plates over it!

rmt said...

That is the cutest popcorn container ever! I love Target so much.
It is so hard to decide when to take kids in to the doctor. I feel your pain on that one. But I always feel like when I wait, the doctor is like "Why didn't you bring him in sooner?" Sigh.
I am laughing at that license plate! Only in Utah, eh?
I'm super excited to see pictures of your bookshelf!

wende said...

oh ya, the name thing...i wondered if maybe they had a native american indian relative or something. i immediately thought of "dances with wolves" or "soaring eagle". maybe there was an accident and they were named "walks with broken leg" or something. i don't know, how else could you get a last name like that? mine would be "snores like grizzly bear" unfotunately. i think i'll stick with Moore. :)

Natasha said...

ok, her name can not be "broken leg."

Melinda said...

Those talks were so great. I loved them.

Sorry about the drs visit being a waste. That is the worst to do. I just want something to make my child feel better! I need a punch card also. I go to the UVP in Orem with Dr. john Wynn. Your wynns cousin.

6 girls and 6 boys?? holy cow. That is a pretty clever way to do their plate. I will give them that.

Denise said...

Wow--I am quite impressed with the diverse accomplishments of your week. I am always so happy to tackle something (like, in my case, Sarah's room) that has been hanging over my head for a while. Where are you going to put the bookcase? It sounds too cute!

Target is the gift that keeps on giving.

Amie said...

I love miscellany... it is probably because of my stalker tendencies. I like to feel like I know what is going on.

I am excited to see your bookcase. I love bookshelves!

I am so glad Eva decided to be a big girl for school... life is so much easier when they catch our vision.

I feel like I need to rewatch all of conference. I was too distracted with company here.

Susan said...

An interesting array of weekly accomplishments and comments, to be sure!

I cannot, however, imagine some of those things being done without the photo documentation! I, for one now, have been accused of being obsessive with the camera, having the bug to document everything!!! (for the new bes blog!)

Lastly, we have darling family in our Ward (one marriage--14 children!! And, they are quite young! Great stamina and nerves!!

Amy's sister said...

Just to satisfy your curiosity, my husband thinks that the tree is a variety of crabapple tree.

Barb said...

Way to follow through on watching the RS broadcast. I have a lot of conference catch up to do.

Robyn said...

That license plate is one of those "only in Utah" moments. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to start! That bucket it SO cute. I am so glad you got Eva's room organized- pictures please?!?! The doctors name is funny- how can it be on a sign if it isn't real? I am pretty sure that is a CrabApple tree- I love those! Going to a high school v-ball game would be so weird. sounds like a fun activity though. The license plate is awesome! Yea for preschool make-up days. I still would love to have Eva over on Fridays....she could even come to story time with us for part of the time she is here :)

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