Friday, October 03, 2008

I ...

{I swiped this from Amie's blog -- and changed the answers, of course.}

i am.... an introvert who enjoys reaching out to friends and family from the comfort of home.
i think... a lot about how to take care of my family and still take care of myself.
i know... that I waste time.
i want... to be able to have my whole house clean and then maintain it.
i have... a strong need for alone time.
i dislike... French toast. Also being in big groups of people, especially ones I don't know.
i miss... Jessie living nearby.
i fear... heights, roller coasters, failing my children.
i feel... inadequate much of the time.
i hear.... SpongeBob on the TV upstairs; Max practicing cello downstairs.
i smell... lemon cream candle melts on the warmer.
i crave.... more organization in my house.
i cry... very rarely, but when I do, it gets uncontrollable quickly.
i usually... have a stack of books waiting to be read.
i search... for balance.
i wonder.... what my children will be like when they're older.
i regret... that I am a hoarder. That I didn't have a blog when my kids were babies.
i love... feeling at peace.
i worry... about my kids making poor choices.
i am not... good at keeping in touch.
i remember... so badly. I have to write everything down or I forget. My kids now mock me about my bad memory.
i believe... in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
i dance... pretty much never.
i don't... get enough exercise; eat enough fruit, read chick lit.
i write... with a smooth, black pen.
i win... often at cards, especially Speed.
i lose... my patience. Also my wedding ring occasionally!
i wish... I had more self-discipline. And a personal stylist to fix my hair every day.
i listen... for guidance.
i don't understand... how I can have the same goals for years on end.
i can usually be found... at home... I love home.
i am scared... that my kids won't want to take my calls when they move out.
i need to lose... 100 lbs but I would be happy (really happy) with 90.
i forget... what it feels like to feel comfortable in my own skin (and clothes).
i am happy... when I feel understood.


duckma71 said...

Your mom will be so proud of me that I finally got up the nerve to comment on your blog. How silly is it that I've been dying over the cute stuff that you always post, and yet never write in? I'm new to the whole blog thing anyway and hope that someday soon, I will get it together to have my OWN rather than spend time reading other people's. (Yours and Jill's)
Honestly, I can't believe how much I love how you articulate your thoughts. When I read how you described yourself as an introvert who enjoys reaching out to friends and family from the comforts of your home I can totally relate to that. People would never guess that I don't like to be the center of a busseling crowd of people--I come across as social and secure, but I secretly dread those kind of situations.
You've got some seriouly fabulous taste. You ARE your mother's daughter for sure as is Jesse. I loved that you took those pictures of her house and sweet family (even that oily cat which sparks my curiosity as I've never seen one in person)
You're a superstar in this little part of the world as I have several friends that go onto yours and Jill's blog as well. I hope to be able to meet you both someday. Have a great conference weekend...We're attempting the reverence tent..Is that hokey? I've got a spunky 4 year old as well.

Melinda said...

I just did this on my blog! I was really needing something to posts on and I didn't have a lot of nice things to say so I thought this would be safe. Although I think you can kind of sense my bad mood in my answers.

Susan said...

Yea! My friend Shannon (Duckma71) has finally commented! Go for it, Shannon! She has been a fan for quite some time and always tells me that she feels like a stalker! I have explained that that is the way of blogging! You will get to know her through her comments. She is creative and thoughtful. (I didn't realize she had a shy streak, however!!)

I feel happy to see her dive on in!

As for myself, I always enjoy your personal insights, and generally learn something about you that I wasn't aware of! You are the standard of interesting writing.

Jill said...

I plan on doing this meme as well, I think it's a good one.

It's interesting that the thing you regret is being a hoarder, but it's kind of cool because that's something you can easily remedy.

wende said...

i loved doing this list - i loved that you did it too! it's such a fun way to get to know someone (even yourself) quickly.

your kids aren't going to reject your calls when they move out! you're too cute to ever leave behind.

amy m said...

What can I say i just love all forms of lists and think this is a fabulous one.

I could have written some of the same answers, but one that stood out to me was "I don't understand". I'm the exact same way.

Rachel said...

love this idea for a post and loved reading YOUR answers! Thanks for a little glimpse into the mind of Michelle. I think we can all relate to some of these. :)

Kim Sue said...

I wish A LOT that I had started bloggin earlier and that I had kept a journal.

Laurie said...

I love this list. Your answers are insightful and interesting. I also wish I had a stylist to do my hair every day. I'm so self-concious about my hair. And I'm also happy when I feel understood. That's one of the things I appreciate about blogging.

Marie said...

Loved it. I think I'll do this post too.

rmt said...

Loved it! I'm definitely going to swipe this from you and post it.

Becky said...

This is such a great post Michelle--can't wait to do my own version!

Anonymous said...

This was just fun to read. What you want and crave speak volumes to me!

Amie said...

I so relate... especially to...

having my whole house clean and then maintain it

having the same goals for year

only a non-hoarder would say that is easily remedied!

I love this... and I stole it from an e-mail....

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