Monday, September 01, 2008

happy weekend

I finally, finally made some of the "tag books" that someone sent to Jill many months ago. They're books for your children that they can use to tell you things, ask you questions that may be easier not to ask face-to-face, etc. You respond and communicate while encouraging writing and journaling. I think it's brilliant, and I've had this on my to-do list literally for months. I finally did it this weekend! (It was so quick and easy I'm kind of annoyed I didn't get to it sooner.) Max and Lucas think they're great. We'll see what kind of dialogue we can get going.

Yesterday I had to drag myself out of bed to get ready for church. I'm not sure why, but I felt like I could sleep all day. When we got home, Marc suggested I take a nap. I did, for two hours, and he made dinner! So luxurious.

Today we celebrated Marc's mother's birthday (it was on the 28th). We were struggling to come up with a great gift idea and coming up short. Out of desperation, I suggested that we assemble 70 things, in honor of her 70th birthday, that we thought she would like:

I think we found some pretty good things (my favorite being the red dishes from T.J. Maxx!), and to put any doubts to rest on the subject, tying things up with ribbons and adding little tags makes anything and everything cute, even pens.

{dumb blurry photo, but I had to record the grand total and the way it all played out}

It was fun for us to put together, the kids were really excited, and I think she liked it.

This was her teary reaction to the gift Michelle made for her -- a needlework design of the words, "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck." Mim used to sing this song to her children, and I have heard her sing it many times over the years. It was just the perfect gift, handmade and sentimental!

This is just one of three platters of pastries Bob & Mim picked up from a local bakery. We cut everything into pieces and had a sampling party. (Marc's favorite was the tiramisu, mine was the cream puff with strawberries.)

Eva was of course on hand with the birthday bear, to press the button, to sing the birthday song, and to help blow out the candles.

Grandma listening intently to one of this girl's many many intense desires/needs/requests/demands. She is so involved and respectful with the children.

We enjoyed celebrating Grandma today!

up tomorrow: the first day of preschool


Marie said...

I loved those red dishes with the red and white polka-dot bow. Perfect gift. And the chocolate eclair with the candles? So great.

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog lately. I am doing much better and seeing the sun again. Thanks again.

Claudissima said...

what a fabulous idea...i love the red dishes too! are very creative there...hope i can see you before i go....things have been crazy but it sounds like you had a great weekend. Hope your energies are restalblished

Cecilia said...

I love the idea of the 70 things, in honor of her 70th birthday, how clever and creative!
The red dishes are to die for and all those pastries look
Good luck with preschool tomorrow!

crystal said...

Oh my goodness! I totally sing this song to my kids! It drives them crazy. I love this little ditty, though. I don't even know where I learned it, b/c my mom didn't sing it to me.

Sesame Street? Every OTHER ditty I've ever learned came from Sesame Street, so maybe this one did, too.

Ok, nope. I can't imagine Grover singing "Bushel & a Peck."

crystal said...

You are intimidatingly creative! Even the card is gorgeous, with the red numbers...

...I remember these tag books, and I remember wanting to copy the idea but never followed through (that is so classic me--no follow through). I am going to do them. But mine will have to be plain ol' composition books. No creative juices flowing through my veins, I'm afraid.

patsy said...

brilliant gift idea for grandma!!

the tag journals come from my friend wende- she has had amazing results with them :)
I made some & they are in a basket... I need to get those back out!

Hannah said...

Fantastic gift idea! Everything does look so good with ribbon on it!

My mom sang that song to us and I sing it to my girls but I don't know where it is from either! Time to investigate~

Good luck with preschool!

Jill said...

I'm so glad you posted the picture of the card because it was fun to read all the things that totaled up to 70 for Mim. She's a wonderful lady and deserved a great party and gifts, I'm sure she was thrilled with your thoughtfulness.

stacy{s} said...

such a great ideas! I am totally going to steal them. :)

April said...

Three brilliant ideas in this post, and I think I'll steal them all.

Loved the tag journals,
Loved the seventy items (brilliant)
Loved the sweet little rhyme...I don't know it but now I want to find it and sing it to my kids on the way out the door.

Oh, and my David thought I ought to tell you that there really is nudity in the French film I didn't recommend...(but really it's not like American nudity, you know?) Anyway, he just thought I ought to let you know. He mentioned it again this morning.

linda said...

Mim sounds like a wonderful grandmother and MIL...and you seem like a truly wonderful daughter-in-law. Both of you are blessed!

I love love the 70 item birthday idea!

The picture of your MIL listening to little Eva is beautiful...both seem to be enthralled with each other.

Jolene said...

I am a blog stalker and I am de-lurking to tell you that the tag books are such a great idea. I have had these going in our home for several years and they have been such a blessing. I have found that my teenagers will tell me so much more in their little books than I could possibly get them to tell me otherwise. It is always a joy to come in to my room and see one of their red books on my pillow. I have been able to reassure them, give them advice and bear my testimony to them so many times because of these books.
I hope you find the same joy in them as I have.

Jill said...

P.S. I forgot to say that the tag books were Wende's great idea.

Katherine said...

Hi Michelle! I'm a blog lurker. I love your creativity. I'm definitely going to use the 70 gifts idea sometime. I love it! You are so creative and talented. Thanks for sharing. :)

amy m said...

love your tag books. Such cute paper. It really is such a great idea, and one my kids would enjoy.

love the creative idea of 70 things for her birthday (I'll have to remember that). All the gifts look so fabulous together.

Yum those pastries look delicious.

Kelly said...

What a birthday -- all those lovely pastries and 70 fabulous gifts! My brother and I did 50 gifts for my mom's 50th, but they were nowhere near as charming!

Your little books turned out so cute -- that's a brilliant idea!

Good luck with preschool!

wende said...

i love everything about this post, the photos, that fantastic gift, all of it! i just giggled the whole time reading it!

you are the most darling daughter-in-law! i'm going to copy this idea and not feel one bit bad about it because i am the one who sent jill the tag books! i'm so glad they're making the rounds because they are one of the best parenting ideas i have EVER had!

seriously thanks for sharing! how darling!

wende said...

oh one more thing...i sing the bushel and a peck song to my kids all the time, love that musical! maybe you wouldn't mind sharing that needle point pattern? :)

Kim Sue said...

the tag journals have been in the back of my mind since I saw them on Jill's blog but I too have not done anything about it!

super cute red dishes!

Rachel said...

Love this idea of 70 things! Thanks for sharing!

Marla said...

I think your 70 gifts for 70 years is perfect..and it allows you to personalize it. i have been struggling to think of something great for my mom's i have an idea!

Robyn said...

This gift idea is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your genius with us. You're right too, ribbons make anything look cute. I will definitely be copying this idea.

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