Monday, August 18, 2008

a week of firsts

It was a week of firsts chez moi.

1. We had Mya and Kaylee to play on Tuesday morning. After seeing that Mya went inside to use the bathroom, Eva announced that she wanted to wear underwear, too -- that she couldn't wait to wear underwear! Hallelujah!

We have been talking about wearing underwear for months now, but her standard response was that she was going to wear diapers for a long time, so this announcement was pretty exciting. She did beautifully all week. She had a few accidents, but for the most part I was very pleasantly surprised. We went on errands. She even took a nap in underwear, and on Sunday, she wore the same pair all day long.

I was expecting her to be my most difficult child to potty-train, and she shocked me by making it all so easy.

2. Max had his first cello recital. He's been playing now for almost one year, and he is nearing the end of Suzuki book 2. The recital was held in a beautiful retirement home, and the audience was very appreciative. He was so nervous to perform, especially since he's been sick (as have Lucas & Eva) and was not able to practice as much as he would have liked.

{can you believe my camera ran out of batteries during the first piece?!}

He played two duets with his great teacher, and he did a great job. There was one spot where he lost his place and had to go back a measure. I knew he would feel just terrible about it, but fortunately his grandparents and teacher were hugely reassuring and he recovered nicely. Recitals are such a great opportunity -- to work on overcoming stage fright, and to realize that making a mistake is not the end of the world.

3. The first day of school! Max is starting 8th grade and has to leave the house at 7:30. He got up at 6:30 to shower and get ready -- quite a change from sleeping in all summer. I remember 8th grade so well -- we had just moved across the country and I was so worried, but it ended up being a great year.

Lucas actually let me get a picture of his face! He's starting 4th grade and doesn't have to be to school until 9:00, which suits him just fine. Here he is sporting his stylin new black & white backpack. (Mostly white. Any bets on how long it takes for it to look filthy?) I'm amazed at how much the light changed between their departures. I also remember 4th grade well -- it was the year I was afraid of my teacher and I went to school every day with a stomachache.

After school we went to Summer Sno to celebrate with some shave ice. It's no Rita's Water Ice, but it's not bad. I had a mango avalanche (vanilla ice cream inside).

Eva had blue bubble gum!

4. The girl who practically potty trained herself decided she no longer wants to use the toilet. Yesterday she woke up dry, wore underwear all morning and never went to the bathroom. She had been drinking a lot, and I knew she would need to go, but she insisted she did not. Then several times she told me she needed to go, only to get to the bathroom and refuse to cross the threshold. ?!@$! What in the world?

When it had been 20 hours of holding it in, I started to wonder if she was going to harm her kidneys or bladder or something and asked if she wanted a diaper or a Pull-Up. Yes, she did. And today she asked if she could wear underwear, but informed me she would not be using the toilet. I have no idea what happened here, there was never any traumatic incident of any kind, and I can't get her to explain the problem to me. I'm frustrated, but not all that surprised. This is more what I was expecting from her... my oh-so-strong-willed girl. Never a dull moment.


Amy said...

Aren't daughters so fun? Luckily she's adorable! Kids are made cute so they survive childhood.

Congratulations to Max on his recital. I think it's so cool that he plays the cello. With such a musical family I'm sure he's a great musician!

How sad that you were so afraid of your 4th grade teacher that you had stomachaches every day. I had a fabulous 4th grade teacher, Mr Cross, who had an entire wall of rocks. All of his students were into geology in a major way buy the time we were done with his class. I hope his 4th grade year is great.

Natasha said...

This reminds me of potty traiing Luci - one day she announced, "I really don't want to try to ride that potty train any more!"

Hannah said...

I am laughing at Natasha's comment! That is hilarious.

Max sounded great! I think it is awesome that he plays the cello- one of our favorite bands has a cellist in it and she just makes the band so unique!

Want Mya to drop by for some peer support? Seriously! I remember a couple days when Mya was learning that she didn't want to go anymore, but wanted to keep wearing the underwear. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

Congrats to Max for a great first recital. He is making wonderful progress. Know any great violin teachers? I'm starting to great really frustrated with mine.

Good luck with Eva. Potty training is one of the worst parts of motherhood!

Jill said...

I hope Eva's potty training set back is brief. I seriously think you need to invite Mya over again and keep her loaded up on Kool-aid so that she can keep being a good example for Eva.

Way to go Max! His cello playing sounds great, and I love what you said about that being a great opportunity to get over stage fright and to learn that making a mistake isn't the end of the world.

I moved across country for 8th grade too! It was brutal at first but ended up being great.

Barb said...

Dang your kids are cute. So good looking. It is fun to think back to your own 8th and 4th grade year, I'm going to do some contemplating of my own.

wende said...

recitals are one of the joys of motherhood, i always feel swelled with pride and shocked at their progress from the previous year. who said they could grow up so fast? i have always loved the cello and hoped for one at my house. but, i have a pianist a guitarist and a violinist, which are great but man i love the cello! way to go max!

crystal said...

Wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-at??? !!! Making a mistake ISN'T the end of the world? I wish you'd have broken that to me a while ago--my life would've been a lot easier 'til now.

Yeah. Still haven't learned this lesson.

crystal said...

And. That little girlie is one strong-minded female! Embrace it, eh?

I had to laugh: the girl was easiest on record to potty train b/c she put her mind to it & snap!...done. Then, she decides she's not going to darken the bathroom door & whoa!...holds it for 20 hours.

That's one little girlie who'll do anything she sets her mind to!

Cecilia said...

Your kids are so cute!

Congrats to Max...He did so good on his recital!

Good luck potty training Eva, maybe you should bribe her with a toy once she finishes a potty training chart...It worked for us!!!

April said...

I second Jill's idea...invite the potty-trained friend back over!

Max's recital was just beautiful...what a paycheck for both of you.

And the first day of school (sigh)...sad how we're there already, though that mango icee thing must have softened the blow a looked delish!

Denise said...

I love the video of Max at his recital! It makes me wish John had stuck with the cello, but we couldn't afford private lessons and he lost interest. He's in choir now, though, and seems to enjoy it.

Potty training. I'd be lying if I said I missed those days. . . . Good luck!

Robin said...

Oh man, I'm having flashbacks to recitals from days gone by - though with piano instead of cello (: That's so awesome, I hope he sticks with it! Ah, Suzuki... (:

Elisa said...

Doesn't that video of Max make your heart swell? You'll have to give us all pointers on getting kids to play musical instruments. Did you teach them yourself??

Way to go Eva!

Liz said...

Congratulations on the potty training. Hopefully the set back is only momentary and she will get back to wanting to use the toilet. Jared is potty trained now too, with the minor issue of being scared to do #2...he will do it, but it is a challenge. I hope he gets over it soon!

I enjoyed the cello piece...Ben plays cello, and I'm hoping one of our kids will want to one day too.

Mother said...

A wonderful account of each grandchild for me! Max looks so poised as he plays and a little timid to take the praise! He did great! Thanks.

Lucas looks way too old. We must come soon.

Eva is a pip! Perhaps you should tell her how you were trained at one year!!! (Thanks to my mother's ways.....)

I have wonderful a wonderful daughter.

Claudissima said...

ohhhhh nice nice nice....I love string instruments. He is very very good.! Eva is just funny...I've started to potty train jorvik, but suddenly you see a little puddle on the floor and he going to say something? gosh!!@

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