Monday, August 04, 2008

trip to Oregon -- final leg

For the rest of the trip, the only real plans we had were relaxing and going to the beach. Lucas said, "Finally! A day where we don't have to go anywhere!" It totally cracked me up given all the fun we had been having, but at the same time I could totally relate. I think we were all ready to just hang out.

Grandma & Grandpa bought kites for the kids -- the wind was providing some pretty good kite-flying conditions. I couldn't remember ever flying a kite before, can you believe that?

The younger kids got single string kites; the older ones got double string ones.

A self-portrait of my first kite-flying experience -- it was definitely fun!

We went rock and agate collecting at low tide (this beach didn't really have any shells). The front desk had a bowl of polished agates and you could turn in your unpolished ones of similar size for polished ones, but we all decided we would rather hold on to the ones we had found ourselves.

Michelle, Max and I finished the puzzle. One night I stayed up until 1:00 working on it because I was on such a roll! Very satisfying.

On our last night, the resort had a bonfire on the beach for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

I was glad we went, because it was really fun. We made s'mores and tried not to get sand on them.

Lucas and Eva got buried in the sand. (Eva was already in her jammies!)

We took pictures in the setting sun.

It was a great end to a great trip.
We left on Saturday morning and saw some more interesting roadside sights.

We stayed the night in Boise at the Hyatt Place. I cannot recommend that hotel highly enough! It was like a night/day contrast with the Sleep Inn we stayed in the week before. Not only was it clean, modern, and beautifully decorated, but it also had a 42" flat-screen tv and it cost $20 less than the aforementioned skanky hotel! Nice. I only wish I had brought my camera in, but I had no idea that it was going to be so delightful.

We stopped at what appeared to be a cute little diner for lunch. It turned out to be truly nasty. At least I got a couple of photos I like -- that's all I can say for the place.

I looked over at one point when Marc was passing somebody -- yikes!

We were all glad to get home to our own beds and to have all that driving behind us. But we won't be forgetting this trip anytime soon!


Mom said...

This looks like a wonderful trip! I'm a bit jealous!

Hmmmmm, I guess Marc and Dad can be in the same driving club!

I can't wait to catch up on the rest of the posts, but have a few more emails to respond to before a late bedtime!

Welcome home! I guess some report of girls' camp may be coming!

Tasha said...

That looks like a wonderful trip from start to finsih! I am going to have to pick your brain (or just copy your travel log) because I've been wanting to take a similar trip forever!

Glad you are back in the blogosphere!

Michelle- THE FRENCH CLOTHES! Oh my!

Claudissima said...

oh michelle those pictures are amazing...I love the one of eva with lucas in the sand, and the fire pit burning sooo nicely. Wow that was such fun trip, with the kites and i can't believe how involved the grand parents are...on my side they are not soo motivated. I guess my mom is in turns, she will play and she is very fun to be around, with lots of energy, but she is the entertainer, they don't really go out and do stuff with them, so it is always nice to read about other grand fun. what fun, loved the spt of the whole family!

Jill said...

I love these pictures! What a wonderful trip. How in the world do you guys come up with a proper thank you for Bob and Mim for providing such a vacation? Really?

Barb said...

I have flown a kite but I have never had a bonfire on the beach!
(Let's hear it for good hotels!)

lelly said...

love the bonfire photo! i can almost taste the sand in my s'more :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm sad this trip is over, Michelle. That photo with the fire and sunset--truly beautiful, not just in color, but symbol, too.

I wish the diner would have tasted better because that stool shot makes it look like it should have.

patsy said...

This was truly an amazing trip! I have absolutely loved your posts & your photographs! they are so stunning. what a gorgeous place-

I am really excited because I got photoshop for my birthday & I am really looking forward to trying some of marc's photo challenges... that is if I can figure it out?!

Thanks for sharing your vacation- because we didn't go on one... I really happy to share in yours:)

jenn said...

crashing waves... beach fire WITH marshmallows... KITES!! your trip sounds perfect! (I can't believe you never flew a kite?!! I think it is delightful and am so glad you did it!) LOVE your family SP.

What wonderful memories to bring back and add to the comforts of home!

rebecca said...

Michelle - I was thrilled to catch up with you here today and read a beautifully chronicled trip to Oregon! I do believe we may have been near enough each other to grab a hot chocolate some of those days - we need to trade phone numbers! What a delight for you and your extended family - the pictures are gorgeous, and I am so thrilled that you had a marvelous time! I am particularly jealous of your whale sightings - after spending so much time at the coast - and even at Depoe Bay, I have NEVER seen one!!!! Oh, the pain.
I truly loved your recaps - sounds like you had a bit of magic with you!

Lori said...

Hi Michelle,
I found your blog while blog-hopping. You know, that thing you do when you SHOULD be doing something else. Anyway, your pics of Oregon are so beautiful it makes me want to visit there. I live in the East & go to the beaches here every year, but your post makes me want to come out west. Thanks for sharing!

carlo said...

wow- what a trip! i love the idea of a family trip like that, complete with breathing space built in.

lovely pics, as always.

and the diner comment cracked me up.

charlotte said...

What an awesome vacation! It sounds like the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. It sounds like it was perfect!

Natasha said...

Oh, I would be so sad for a trip like that to end!!

Kristin said...

Your trip sounds amazing!! I'm glad you guys had fun on the coast. It is so beautiful. It has been fun to read about your trip.

BTW--I made your birthday banners from your tutorial and they turned out great!! Thanks so much for posting the step by step instructions!!

Denise said...

Wow. What great memories for your kids! Thanks for the detailed account--vicarious vacationing!

wende said...

it has been so fun to read about your oregon trip, sorry about the nasty diner, but you did get some cute photos there!

we've made that drive to oregon a few times, it's a killer with little kids (and for me). i'm definitely not a good traveller.

your trip looks so fun that it's enough to make anyone jealous, including me. i'm glad you guys had so much fun, it's so great to get away as a family sometimes. time at home seems so interrupted by everyone and everything that i'm glad you had a chance to just relax for a bit.

love the red window photo on the diner, you did a great job. i need to get on the ball and do some of mark's photo challenges, i can't believe summer is almost over, i'm still so behind! :)

Amie said...

Your trip really looks so fabulous! I think family vacations are so important... the memories last for so long and it such good, real time together. Your pictures are awesome... I just feel happy for you that you guys got to go on such a great trip.

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