Thursday, August 14, 2008


Lucas turned nine today. Strange when I can remember the day of his birth so clearly, waking up at 4:00 a.m. with labor pains. Laboring with a doula in a giant tub in my bedroom. My one natural birth -- the fastest, the hardest and yet the easiest also.

As with so many things, it seems as if these nine years have passed very quickly, yet I also can't quite remember life without Lucas in it.

These days, this is what I see most often when I get out my camera and point it in his direction.
I managed to get a few shots today, but I had to concede that he didn't have to comb his hair. In our family, you don't have to do things you don't want to on your birthday.

Donette gems for breakfast with a candle, then he couldn't wait to open up the present from Max, even though we were the only ones awake. Eye-Link Communicators, texting for spies. He's all about being a spy right now. Good call, Max.

Grandma Mim & Grandpa Bob came for a birthday lunch. Lucas's only request was oatmeal rolls, so I built a simple lunch around them.

He got a Nintendo DS from Mom, Dad, Grandma Susan & Grandpa Fred. It's what he really wanted, but I don't think he let himself really dare to hope. He told us several times that he's never gotten such a big gift before. True, but it's fun to get a big surprise sometimes! Grandma Mim & Grandpa Bob gave him another game for his new system.

He wanted cream puffs instead of cake. No one complained.

Marc took him to a "dudes & kids" Primary activity this evening, then to Target to get another game with his birthday money from Grandpa Lou. They picked up the Transformers movie from Blockbuster on the way home and now are camped out in the family room with sleeping bags, enjoying a late night movie.

The only damper on his day is sickness. The poor guy has a fever, cough, etc. I only hope he recovers quickly because Landon's birthday party is tomorrow, and Lucas's is on Saturday!

I put one of his birthday invitations on the fridge. He put a magnet over part of it so that it now reads: "Lucas is turning important". I told him that he's always been important, but he says he's more important now that he is nine. I guess that's a sign of a good birthday!

I love you, Lucas Pookus!


marc said...

While we were at Target, it was so cute how Lucas kept talking about what a big gift he got this year. It's fun to do that when it's not expected.

patsy said...

what a cutie
I didn't realize we have sons the same age. 9 is a great age~

I cannot believe how many people I know are sick! Summer sickness is just so wrong. I know a couple of people with fever/flu like symtems & more with colds- what's the world coming to?
hope yours get better really soon!

Kim Sue said...

yum, creme puffs, you go Lucas, great choice!

Liz said...

Sounds like a fun birthday for the new 9 year old! Too bad he was sick! My oldest turns 9 in November, can't even believe that!

charlotte said...

Happy birthday, Lucas! You're a great kid!

Natasha said...

What a guy, knowing exactly what he wants to eat on his special day too! Love the "Lucas is important."

Happy Birthday!!

wende said...

happy birthday to your cutie boys! thirteen has been a good year for us, patsy says it's 14 that you have to look out for - yikes, that's us in two weeks!

i love the idea of putting his prints in frames, this is a fantastic way of building his self-esteem. great photos, and i couldn't tell that lucas' hair wasn't combed!

Jill said...

I remember the day of his birth so well too! I showed up at the house and Mim told me you had gone to the hospital, it was so exciting. I remember me, Randy and Landon coming to visit you guys in the hospital as well. How can it be 9 years ago??

The picture of you and Lucas is beautiful, you both look so happy.

lelly said...

happy birthday, lucas!! what a fantastic day - spy gear AND a DS. i know a seven year old who would love a day like this...

Grandpa Fred said...

Glad Lucas had a good birthday! Good for the spy getting the Nintendo DS. I like the bithday invitation on the fridge...important person...he is pretty important to ME!!!

Grandma Susan said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lucas! And all this time I have been spelling Lucas Pucas! I guess for this occassion, I'll stick to that!

Lucas has always had such a tender and sweet disposition. I miss and love him!

And, yes, to be sure, he is important!

Claudissima said...

he is adorable. I loved the cream kind of birthday too! How cool that you cater to his every whim on the birthday...I should take note. Love the picture of both of you!

Amie said...

How nice to be able to give him something he really wanted and surprise him with it.

It is freaking me out that they are 9!

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