Friday, August 29, 2008

Creative Friday

Today was the day. I had told Eva when she went back to diapers that I wasn't going to buy any more, and we used the last one last night. She knew it was coming, but she was less than pleased this morning.

I warned Jill that it could get ugly. I warned her that Max was home sick with a sinus infection. She came anyway. (hip, hip, hooray!)

Let's face it, it did get a little ugly. Eva was just a mess. But I went ahead and did what I never had to do with my boys: the sticker chart, the treats. The bribery. She's kind of into the chart, and she's definitely into treats, so wish me luck! No accidents today, anyway.

I've been cutting down on my diet Coke, and have only had two cans since last Friday. I was never so happy to get a Sonic vanilla diet Coke than I was today! I even felt compelled to label it as my own -- with the new awesome pen that Jill brought me. Thanks, Jill.

Denise is in town getting Charlotte & Emily settled at BYU. They dropped by to "crash" Creative Friday. I'm not sure it can even count as crashing when I hadn't gotten anything out to work on yet. I was of course happy to see them. And Denise, Lucas was upset when he found out that you were here and he didn't get to see you!

I love how I was telling them to look at the lens, and then I was the only one looking at the screen. $@%!

Jill's envelope of cute stamps. I think I'm in love! I usually get the dumb bell ones in line at the grocery store.

An hour before Jill left, I finally got out some supplies. (Hooray, hooray for Eva taking a nap!) I think it was a new low productivity-wise, but you know what? Doesn't matter. I like just looking at my stuff, and of course, talking with Jill. Creative Friday always serves its purpose(s). And homemade chocolate chip cookies don't hurt -- thanks, Jill!


patsy said...

oh potty training...way to stay strong! you deserve that vanilla diet coke- You've earned it!!

Sinus infection? those are so painful- hope everyone gets better soon.

hurray for jill & creative friday :)

Jill said...

I think you handled Eva's whinyness so well, you're so much more patient than I am. (Will this ever cease to amaze me? I think not.)

It was fun visiting with Denise and the girls, and so fun hearing her reference details from our blogs.

I hope the potty chart makes all the difference and that it's smooth sailing from here on out.

crystal said...

I agree: just getting together serves a purpose. Fun times!

Denise said...

That is some kind of cute paper in that last photo! It was so fun to see you and Jill, and I must confess that I feel quite flattered that Lucas was disappointed to have missed our visit.

Sorry that Saturday never worked out to get together again. The afternoon and evening turned into Moving Madness at Charlotte's new apartment, but we got a lot accomplished and now her roommates thinks she's awesome for having such a cute set-up!

Claudissima said...

wow how fun to have this...the spt is have a fun and cute family

Hannah said...

How cool that they stopped in. I didn't know Denise had a blog, that is awesome!

I liked Jill's comment on you being patient- it is such an admirable trait in you, and you know I highly admire it!

Hope the chart is still working. The sticker chart is saving me with the whole chore issue with Mya. At this age, whatever works!

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