Tuesday, June 17, 2008

since we came home

In the three and a half days since we came back from Snowbird:

Marc bought a new doormat because he decided that the nice new entryway deserved a better prelude than our old faded one. Good call. (Gotta love Target!)

I saw our new tile (kitchen and entryway)!! It was done last week while the kids and I were gone. Marc was here to answer any questions and make sure they didn't make any major mistakes -- for example, they were going to lay the checkerboard as squares instead of diamonds... is that not obvious? In any case, I love it so much! It makes me feel almost like I have a new house.

{terrible photo, but you get the picture}

I caught yet another mouse. Will it never end??

Eva and I went to the grocery store and she asked for a blue balloon at the checkout (they give them out to the kids). I completely forgot to ask for one and she realized just as I was putting her into her carseat. I apologized and said we would get one next time, but she started crying and saying "I want a blue balloon!" pretty loudly. Two little girls were getting in the car next to ours, and one had a blue balloon. She just walked over and handed it to Eva! So sweet. I want my kids to be like that!

I had my first full-on asthma attack. When we lived in Seattle, I had mild asthma and I used an inhaler, but I haven't needed it since we moved here 10 years ago. And I had never had an attack like this -- I was literally gasping for air, starting to panic, and it seemed to come out of nowhere! Marc and Max were with me and they looked very concerned. Marc asked if I needed help, and all I could do was shrug! Eventually I was able to breathe again, but it took awhile for me to feel back to normal. I was shaky for a couple of hours afterward. I hope this was an isolated incident!

We got a note on our front door from the nursery leaders. It explains their policies and asks parents not to bring their children to nursery if they have a fever, cough, rash, etc. All fine and good. But here's my favorite part: "Please do not bring your children to nursery if they are irritable or cross." Right! There wouldn't be any kids in the nursery at all! Oh, I see where they're going with that...

We had a nice Father's Day. Marc slept in and I made Belgian waffles with strawberries, strawberry syrup and cream for breakfast. We gave him a book he has been wanting and some Amano chocolates to try. (He discovered Amano chocolate a couple of months ago -- they are a manufacturer right here in Orem and have won lots of awards at chocolate shows -- but they don't have any retail outlets here so I had to have them shipped!) After church, Marc relaxed and I made flank steak, roasted potatoes, salad, corn on the cob, and chocolate mousse.

Eva wore one of her new dresses from Grandma Susan.

Yesterday we went to Seven Peaks for the first time this year. My session of trying on swimsuits a couple of weeks ago was so traumatic, and I still haven't gotten a new one, so I'm still wearing my suit that is about 8 years old and falling apart. I was so frustrated getting ready to go and I was thinking it would be a public service if I just stayed home. Alas, no such luck.

Amie let Eva use her chair for awhile and even loaded her up with grapes. This is the life!

It ended up being a much better day than I anticipated. At least there are no windows or mirrors there -- if I can't catch a glimpse of myself then I can (sort of) forget how scary it is. For a little while, anyway. I got to chat with Jill and Amie for a bit, and Eva surprised me by wanting to stay all day! In the past we've gone home after 2 1/2 or 3 hours, but this time we stayed for 6 -- and even then, Eva cried when I said it was time to leave, and Lucas definitely wanted to stay longer. Crazy. Despite repeated sunscreen applications, we all got a little burned, but at least this time it was just a little and not my normal lobster fry.

Lucas insists on wearing an undershirt while swimming, even though I still make him put sunscreen on his shoulders and back. Love how it's inside out.

Today is the day I told Eva she can only have her binkie when she's in her bed. I've been dreading this day for months, knowing I should do it, but not wanting to give up that easy fix. I'm not sure why today was the day, but it just was. She fought it hard for about 1/2 hour and then told me she wanted to get in bed. After playing in bed and "being with her binkie" for 15 minutes, she was good to go.

This is my family room today. Good times.


Jill said...

I've been dying to see the tile, and it's stunning! Woohoo, woohoo, woohoo, I'm so happy for you guys, I know that's been a LONG time coming. How wonderful to feel like you have a new house. I also love that Marc was able to take care of it so that you could return home to the beauty instead of having to deal with the mess!!

Jill said...

I had to come back and comment on the letter from the nursery people...I can't believe they said that about not bringing kids if they're irritable and cross. Hmmm. I didn't know that was an option for nursery, maybe we could disban the entire thing. Good grief. Your nursery isn't even big right? What would they do if they had a full one like ours, or worse like Jenn's old one!

Elisa said...

I want to see the entry way too, that floor is divine, and seems perfect for you and Marc.

I have a friend who has a text book written by your husband (if I am not mistaken) It was so funny to say, Oh I know his wife, she is a blog friend of mine. Small world!

Liz said...

Cute new entry mat! Love the tile! Very stylish!

That stinks about the mouse!

I hope you don't have another asthma attack! That is scary!

And the note from the nursery people? Come on, all kids are irritable or cross...especially when it comes time to separate and go to nursery. I'd be surprised if they were allowed to stick to that rule!

patsy said...

LOVE THE TILE- It's so great. I have a diamond patterned floor that's painted it's so gorgeous but so hard to clean...
Seven peaks- you are a great mom!

Just imagine if that note was on the RS door or chapel doors- no one would have to go to church. JK
Nursery leaders? nice try give me a break :)

Claudissima said...

oh la la ....on the beautiful floor, i THINK you guys and I share the same taste for sweet things. I just went to bloomingdales the other day, they have the nicests checker floor, marble of course, but I had I had to take my shoes of and walk in it barefooted, It was heavenly.! What a treat! i LOVE vegas now, specially the venetian for all the fabulous floors...wow....i love it love it love it.! sOUNDS like you had a great time at the water park with the kids...how fun to have fun.!

Amie said...

The tile looks fabulous... I love how something like that makes you love your house.

Eva's dress is unbelieveably cute.

The letter from the nursery.... I am writing one for scouts right now but I am replacing their words with hyper and obnoxious. Thanks for the idea.

I'm glad Eva did so well at Seven Peaks. It was fun to have you guys there. You are totally about the windows and mirrors... it helps until you get in the car and realize what everyone else has had to look at all day.

lelly said...

i love the tile!! so gorgeous! tres chic!!

you are one busy woman - hanging out at seven peaks actually sounds like fun (well, if i don't think about the bathing suit part...)

April said...

Oooo, your tile is gorgeous. You two have the very best taste. Even your front mats are chic.

And I don't know anyone from 18 months to 3 years old that is NOT irritable or cross. What the?

As for the asthma attack...scary. My husband has asthma and we don't go anywhere without his inhaler. Just way too scary. Just carry one in your purse in case!

Natasha said...

Mice?! STILL?!

I love, love your new floors. How nice to come home to that!!

TX Girl said...

okay-that tile is FABULOUS! I am so jealous. Seriously- very cool.

Just to give your nursery leaders a break, the note they sent out is actually a standard note that the church has for the nursery leaders to give to the parents (if it is the same one I sent out when I was in nursery). I laughed hysterically at the cross comment too- my thought was the same thing. Adam and I were mean leaders- if your kid had an issue with biting they were gone and couldn't come back until the next week. We made some parents REALLY angry.

TX Girl said...

Just to clarify- in our defense we had 25 kids. The ridiculous part 7 or 8 were old 3 year olds (they turned 3 in January but had to stay an additional year in nursery) and the rest were 18 months. It was a nightmare!

Denise said...

I LOVE your new floor! Fixing up the house is the most spirit-lifting thing I can think of.

The asthma attack sounds too scary. I've never had one myself, but have been through serious non-breathing espisodes with John and Sarah (one time in an ambulance on the way to Children's Hospital). I can't even imagine how scary it must feel. You'd better start carrying an inhaler!

I love Eva's dress in that picture! It looks like something Susan would send. That nursery note is hilarious! Amie's on to something with the cubscouts.

patsy said...

I can't stop thinking about the asthma attack. I am worried. My daughter megan has asthma. When she was young I took a class on asthma education in a children's hospital after they saved her life (we almost lost her)One of the things we learned was that nearly 5,000 people a year- back then- die of asthma, almost always adults. They think they can handle it & wait until it's too late to get help. You need an inhaler or something with you just in case all the time. scary stuff- sorry for the lecture- I've been on the scary side of asthma.

Kristin said...

LOVE the new tile!! Beautiful!! Home improvements are so fun when they are all done.

That note from the nursery is hilarious. Not one of my three kids would have been allowed in EVER if they followed that rule. They all hated nursery.

wende said...

great post, and beautiful floor! holy cow, absolutely gorgeous! you're so lucky to have a husband that knows how to pick out such a darling door mat. rich would be like, "uh...what do you want me to get?" he's great at using the OTHER side of his brain as a computer geek.

i guess we all have our strengths!

great journaling on this post - your blog is so fun to read!

Amy said...

I'm a huge fan of your new flooring!

Barb said...

The tile looks great. Diamonds! Of course! Even Shreddies have that figured out.

Lucy said...

CUTE floors! And it has to be set on a diamond. What an almost tragedy. Well, hopefully they would have redone them after their mistake.

The nursery notice was quite funny. I've never seen those conditions mentioned out loud before (although, anyone who works in nursery secretly wishes it were so). Hopefully, they realize that nursery is a place for children to feel loved and safe in and to learn age-appropriate gospel lessons and get over the day-care mentality.

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