Saturday, June 14, 2008

our week at Snowbird

I meant to fire off a little post explaining that I would be gone for a week for our annual family trip to Snowbird, but it's one of the things I didn't get to before leaving on Saturday.

Marc's parents have a timeshare at Snowbird and they invite our family and Marc's sister Michelle's family for a week shortly after school gets out for summer. The funny thing is, Marc hardly ever goes. He is either traveling for work or just feels like he can't miss that much work -- so I go on a vacation with his family without him (he came up with us for the first day only). Good thing I love his family!

I was a bit concerned about how it was all going to work out, since my kids and I would all be sleeping in the same room. The boys were very good about staying out of our room while Eva was napping or when she had to go to bed earlier than the rest of us (although they did sneak in there a few times to retrieve forgotten necessities, such as swim trunks). The first night we were there, Max and Lucas and I crept in to quietly brush our teeth and get into bed, and we heard Eva's little voice pipe up: "Let's talk in the night!" and I had to persuade her that it was sleeping time, not talking time. All in all, it was better than I expected.

Here are some of the highlights of our week:

we ate well, thanks to Mim and Bob

It's always a good time to look over your yearbook.

Grandma and Eva played their own version of Mexican Train dominoes. (I believe the dominoes were characters in their game.)

Lucas helping his sister to feel secure in the hot tub. Her brothers are so good to her.

Success! I finally got a self-portrait with Bob and Mim! (I tried one on our trip to Midway earlier this year, but it was truly awful.)

the kids went to the game room several times, mostly using their own money for tokens

It snowed 3 inches on Wednesday! Yep, snow on June 11th. I know we were in the mountains, but... crazy.

there was a lot of art going on

a pleasing sight

Lucas, Kristen and Max went to a craft class for kids where they got to color these t-shirts. They were all very creative. Lucas is showing off his snail puppet that he bought at the gift shop. Missing from the photo is Eva's new little raccoon finger puppet, Racky.

Max and Nicole swinging Eva on our way to the pool. All the kids were so great about including Eva and not complaining about having a toddler always tagging along.

On our last two nights, I took the kids down for a night swim after Eva was in bed. The first night I was shaking because of the cold. The second night I checked the outside temperature before we went down: 37 degrees!! That time I wised up and took a blanket to snuggle up in. Luckily the water temperature was 82 degrees.

And to keep with tradition, here are some of my mental pictures -- unphotographable (or simply unphotographed) moments that I don't want to forget:
  • Attending church in a big room with huge windows overlooking the beautiful scenery. In the past, there have only been about 10 people in sacrament meeting, but last Sunday I'd say there were about 80! They had a keyboard for music, and the tiny paperback hymnals. A return missionary gave a wonderful talk about fathers teaching their children. And we saw many squirrels and marmots on our way to and from church.
  • Michelle and I going to the steam room several times. We both had coughs and her parents convinced us that the steam room would really help. I was quite reluctant, because I hate being hot and sweaty, and I feared I might feel claustrophobic, as if I couldn't breathe. I was shocked by how much I really enjoyed it. We would sit in there for about 15 minutes and talk, and when the steam really got going and we couldn't hear each other, we just sat and breathed deeply. Then we went and cooled off in the solarium and talked some more while looking out at the mountains and trees. It was so relaxing.
  • Eva playing air hockey! She so wanted to play video games in the game room, and mostly contented herself by sitting in the driving games, pretending to play. But once she tried air hockey, ooh baby! She played me, Lucas, and Max and never wanted to stop. She was pretty good at hitting the puck, but would sometimes also allow it to go into her goal just because she liked retrieving it. Oh yeah, she's a real competitor.
  • Taking the kids to the Marco Polo store and watching them ooh and ahh over the exotic offerings. (giant geodes, expensive Persian rugs, art, etc.) Also, the one-of-a-kind stuffed keychains of ugly little animals with birthdates and mottoes.
  • Lucas always wanting to make a whirlpool in the hot tub. And telling me that he was anti-social and would only go in one of the three hot tubs surrounding the pool if it was unoccupied by strangers. (Lucas anti-social, ha!)
  • Swimming on the last day, when Eva finally got brave enough to get out of her floatie and let me take her all around the pool. She practiced blowing bubbles and floating (she even had me sing the Little Mermaid theme when she was lying on her back -- just like in the tub), and she jumped off the edge into my arms about 100 times! (or a billion, if you ask her) Hooray!
  • Playing innumerable hands of cards, Contract Rummy and Speed. Max is totally into cards right now, and I am all too willing to join in. We taught Nicole and Kristen to play, too, so we had rousing games going.
It was a pretty great week.

I took this picture while driving down the mountain. (shhh!) I just pointed the camera out my side window without looking so I could keep my eyes on the road. Not bad, eh? (Right after that, a deer ran right in front of us, so it was a good thing I was looking where I was going. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was too quick for me.)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic trip! I love your mental pictures. I think it is so cool that you go even though Marc can't make it the whole time. It sounds worth it with all the activities. I can't believe it snowed!

Kim Sue said...

wow what a wonderful week..that is a great place to have a summer vacation! Glad you guys had a great week.

Natasha said...

How fun! I cannot believe how cold it was there.

lelly said...

ahhh, i feel a little more relaxed just reading about your R & R.

linda said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful week! I too was one that vacationed with my in-laws either alone/or with my kids while hubby worked. Looking back, he sure missed out on great times...and I'm glad I didn't. It would be very easy to stay home because of our hubby's...but look at all of the memories we made for our kids by not staying home!

Jill said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! It's so nice that Marc's parents are so generous and provide these great vacations for you guys (even if it's more for the kids than for you).

It's so beautiful in the mountains, I would love to have a place to stay up there.

patsy said...

fun week!
i just can't believe how cold it was up there- and snow?? Wow
Too bad it's blazing hot now, but I guess that's how it goes.
You have such darling boys playing with Eva. She's pretty cute too though!!
There's nothing like being in the mountains- love it

Liz said...

Sounds like it was a really nice trip. I am looking forward to the trips when kids are older and you can play all sorts of card games. Fun times!

Amie said...

You are so good to take a family trip without Marc... I think I would be bugged and punish the kids for it... good job.

The picture of you and Marc's parents made me smile. so cute.

I'm glad things were better than you expected... it sounds like a fabulous week!

Marie said...

Those are great moments! And the kids were great to let Ava be included without grumbling. So many fun things. Super.

Barb said...

A self-portrait with the inlaws, truly an achievement! I want to get a photo with my 'ladies who lunch' (Ken's great aunts once every couple of months invite me out to lunch) but I haven't been brave enough to try.

Amy said...

I'm a big fan of your *mental pictures*, Michelle. Your trip sounded so relaxing & lovely. Right now my kids are so young that the idea of such a trip without dad is nice that yours are becoming so self-reliant!

everything pink said...

she plays air hockey too, what does that brilliant girl not do!

what a wonderful trip. and snow??? wow.

crystal said...

That no-looking mountain picture is so beautiful! When I snap photos like that, they're all blurry.

"Let's talk in the night!"....HILARIOUS! Eva & I would be friends, I know it. I often say much the same thing to poor Mike, who groans.

April said...

Glad you're back. Sounds wonderful. Can't believe the snow. We love mexican train down here. I love it when you take self-portraits with non-bloggers. They always look just barely hesitant like "Am I doing this right?" Love it.

Denise said...

What a great trip! I love the documentation of your kids having fun together. Too funny--"Let's talk in the night!"

Michelle D. said...

Let's go back!!! I always just think of you as my sister - not an in-law; I am so happy that we get to spend time together!

Claudissima said...

oh wow...what a nice retreat, I am surprised that Marc doesn't hang out longer, since it is kind of local....i love snowbird, this is where I learned how to ski. I have always loved the lodge up there and going to get hot coco. I love steam rooms, I am happy you gave it a try. There is nothing quite like it. It makes your skin looks sooo moist. Wow snow in June? crazy. I love that you get along so well with Marc's parents...that is always such a plus. I think!

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