Sunday, January 14, 2007

random Saturday happenings

Breakfast of champions.

Eva woke up yesterday, opened the pantry, and started carrying around the box of Easy Mac that I recently bought (so I could try to hurry and make something she might want to eat before she lost interest). Yep, she had it for breakfast. She only ate about 1/4 of it, of course, but it was something. My quest to get her to eat is ongoing every day.

I only exercised 4 times this week (my goal was 5) because my right foot is having problems. Strange pains on the bottom of my foot that may be due to the fact that I don't have good workout shoes, or maybe my feet just aren't used to the fact that I'm trying to be active again.

I packaged up some birthday gifts and good mail and went to my local grocery store to send them. Words cannot express my delight in being able to mail things at the grocery store. Their customer service desk saves me! I never have to wait in line. It always makes me so giddy and I am always telling them how much I appreciate the service they offer.

Then Marc took the boys to play at a friend's house and I put Eva down for a nap. I headed down to my studio to dig in to some much-needed post-holiday cleaning. The nap didn't last long enough for me to excavate my desk, but I managed to put a lot of things away and clear out all of the detritus from Christmas shopping (empty bags, trash, etc.). At least I can walk in there again! Maybe if I can work in there during Eva's nap every day this week I will see some real progress...

We finally borrowed a ladder from our neighbors and Marc installed our new light fixture for the entryway! This fixture was in his museum exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art last year -- he had admired it and was able to procure one for the exhibit. He was not-so-secretly wishing we could have one for our home. Then he found out that the museum was auctioning off many items from the exhibit on eBay. There were very few bids on it, and he managed to buy it for $75! (It was worth much much more and we could never have afforded to buy it otherwise.) He was so excited. And I was totally impressed that he installed it himself (he's really not a handyman). I love that it appeals to his modern sensibilities and my traditional ones at the same time.

For some reason, I was inexplicably tired last night. Max & Lucas were playing the Wii together instead of having bedtime stories and Marc was on the computer, so I was finally off-duty, but wanting to escape from the hubbub (why didn't I think to return to my studio?). I retreated to my bedroom to read. I didn't get under the covers like I really wanted to do because I knew I would go to sleep, and it was only 8:30. Plus, I hadn't even eaten dinner yet (I was so sick of being in the kitchen, catering to 3 picky eaters and cleaning up, that I couldn't stand to do any more food prep). Marc came in to tell me he was making caramelized onions for some deluxe burritos, and it sounded and smelled good. And yet, I still managed to fall asleep reading.

I woke up at 2:15, wide awake and chipper. I've been blogging ever since. I hate when I do this, because now my schedule is all whacked out. Who knows when I'll get back to sleep or how I'll be later today. Besides, I wanted to do things last night! oh well...


Jordan said...

2am and chipper never fall in the same sentence for me...this was impressive.

Also, love the lamp--I love mixing contemporary with traditional designs. And what a great find.

One more thing...I have stuggle to feed my picky eaters for a long time. I still make an effort but I've stopped struggling/fighting with them. I figure, if they are hungry they will eat. I just keep offering nutritious meals so that they establish good eating habits for later in life. You just do what you can. Good luck!

Amie said...

I wish getting me to eat was an ongoing problem!

4 days of exercise is still great. I am impressed you are getting up and doing it early. I would like to but so far I am just pushing my day back - the late start is not enjoyable but at least I did it, for now.

I was extra tired last night too and I didn't do one strenuous thing yesterday.

Your light looks great. I really need a tour of your house. I feel so familiar with you and yet I have only been in the doorway of your home. For heaven sakes we hang out in our swimsuits together.... sorry that was an alarming visual for you so early in the morning! I will stop now.

Alison said...

THAT IS THE BEST LAMP I HAVE EVER SEEN. Sometimes I think you are just setting up the perfect house for me, so I can (move to Utah?) live in it. (Okay, I'll just let you send the contents of your home to NYC.) I neeeeeeed more pictures of your cute stuff. I am so jealous (except for the whole insomnia/picky baby thing). I am kind of obsessed with that lamp- definitely worth more than $75.

Jill said...

I'm so delighted that you got to spend some time excavating in your studio. That room is so awesome, and it makes me sad that you sometimes go days without getting to spend any time in there. I think nap time should = studio time so at least you get a little bit of happy every day.

Hooray for Marc for finally hanging the light fixture! It looks great. (I did notice that YOU had to go borrow the ladder, but hey whatever works right?)

I think the boys playing the Wii is a brilliant alternative to bedtime stories if it means you're off duty by 8:30. I can totally understand falling asleep for the night at that time, I'm just amazed that you woke up and felt chipper at 2:15 (but then again your body must have felt DONE with the almost-6 hours of sleep!) Good luck today.

melanie said...

At least Eva woke up and ate something right? I'd call it a good morning for sure!

I have the same (it sounds like) pains mostly in my right foot, occasionally my left. Google planter fasciitis and see if it is the same thing. I'm not usually a diagnoser but it sounds like what I have. I just kept thinking it was because I had weight to lose or it was the shoes but it isn't.

I would love to send mail at the grocery store. It would help me a ton, that extra stop at the post office is hard for me.

I love your lamp too! Milo isn't a huge handy man either so I love when he does something I didn't know he could do. I'm sure I don't give him enough credit.

Hooray for nap time to get some stuff cleaned out. I would love that!

Allison said...

Congratulations on the 4 days of excercise. I am sure you will start to notice the difference soon. I hope your foot gets feeling better soon.

The lamp looks great!

Syd said...

That's such a great lamp. I love it. How fun for you guys to get to purchase it!! My daughter used to be a super picky eater, and she is now almost 5 and is getting much better. My son had oatmeal for lunch yesterday, does that balance out the mac n cheese for breakfast? :)

Kelly said...

4 days of exercise is definitely something to feel proud of! Sorry about your foot - that's always frustrating when something like that comes up.

I love the story of your lamp! It looks great. So unique - I love that.

Kristy said...

Great job on exercising 4 times this week! After all don’t they say you should exercise most days of the week? 4 days is more than half so it totally qualifies as most. When I first started spinning the arch in my right foot would bother me. Stretching, advil and sticking with my routine even though it hurt a little seemed to work for me. I hope it does the same for you!

Jenny said...

Gotta love the breakfast of champions. I wish my little boys would eat that once in a while. They refuse to touch easy make dinners. Drat!

Good job on 4 days of exercise. That really is alot. I hope your foot gets well soon!

amanda said...

I love your new light!! I just saw a fleece blanket at old navy exactly like that light! Who would have guessed!! Very funky cool!

Liz said...

Cool lamp!

I can so relate to the 2 am thing, but not the feeling chipper part. Hopefully it doesn't happen for you too often!

Picky eaters are the bane of my existence! Good luck with yours!

Tasha said...

I say whatever works to breakfast! Evie has had tomatoes and hard boiled eggs the last 3 days over eggo waffles or frosted mini-wheats. Whose kids is this?

I hate the middle of the night wide awake thing, especiall so early in the morning! I hope your schedule isn't too off today!

Crystalyn said...

i hate waking up and being awake in the middle of the night. i get all stressed out about how tired i'm going to be the next day!

love the mac and cheese for breakfast. my hanna had about 5 yogurts the other day. should i worry that all the girl wants to eat is yogurt?

working out 4 times is nothing to get down on yourself about. and i think you're smart to nurse a sore foot. i have been not-so-smart and kept going on both a sore knee and a sore foot and then you really pay for it because you can't work out at all. it's definitely worth getting the shoes. they can make all the difference. hope your foot is feeling better soon so you can get your 5 times in this week. good luck!

amy m said...

I hate waking up and not getting back to bed. That hasn't happened to me in a long time, but I sure have had trouble getting to sleep some tonight.

I have plans to wake up at 6am tomorrow to start exercising (this late night is not helping). I've tried doing this before and have a hard time sticking to it. I need motivation. What's yours?

Awesome you were able to get some time in your studio. Time is time no matter how long right?

I hope you made it through the day. BTW awesome light!

annalisa said...

I hate it when I get up in the middle of the night and desperately want to go back to bed but can't. Despite not falling asleep until 2 (I was at my parents' house) I awoke for no reason at 6, completely exhausted, but unable to fall back asleep in a strange bed.
I let my daughter pick what she wants for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, she often retorts "that looks gross. I am NOT eating that." Gratefully she's no Ghandi and I know she will eventually eat at least some of her dinner.
The mac 'n cheese cracks me up. I never buy it and one day Alexis had her heart so set on it, I had to borrow some from my neighbor.

Amy said...

Despite the sleep issue, it sounds like your Saturday was really good. That light fixture looks so cool! I can't wait to see it in person. Now, if only we could answer the question of why it's so easy for husbands to do projects they want to do, but somehow they forget the ones we want them to do. Oh, wait, I think we already know the answer to that one!

I wish I had some life changing advice about getting picky eaters to eat, but I don't. It's so dang frustrating!

Ahh, time in the studio. How I would crave it if only it weren't such a disaster! Though now I'm craving time to clean it, so I guess that's a move in the right direction. Good luck with that venture. It's a daunting task, but ultimately so satisfying!

pam said...

That picture really made me crave some good ole mac and cheese.

Great buy on a really cool lamp.

I still have some taking down and sorting through my Christmas stuff, oh the chore.

jenn said...

I think four days is great!
I wish I had gone to bed early and reading!
I want to clean out my craft room so bad but Ethan is napping about twice a week now- ugh!

mom said...

Way cute!!!!!I just returned from Atlanta market and I found a line of lighting that had 5 or 6 chandeliers very similar to that! And, they were way more than $75.00 wholesale! I love it and I remember taking note of it in the museum exibit. Good going!

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