Tuesday, January 09, 2007

progress report

Last year, I didn't make any new year's resolutions. Instead, and I got this from Jill, I wrote down some intentions for the year. Some of them, like going to visit my family in Denver, I achieved with ease. Others were more ambitious.

For example, I intended to lose 50 pounds. Ha. I had some periods where I was exercising regularly and eating well, but was not consistent enough and I think I came out at the end of the year even a little heavier than when I began.

However, I am absolutely determined to do it this year. Maybe I won't lose 50 pounds. But I will make some good progress. Right now my biggest motivation is our stay in Paris {only 15 weeks to go!} -- I will still be fat when we go there, but at least I can be less fat than I am right now. Those Parisians won't know the difference, but I will feel better about myself. In the 9 days of the new year so far, I have exercised 6 times! I've already lost 2.5 pounds and I'm feeling highly motivated.

Some of you may remember my intention to become a flosser. I did really well for a couple of months, and then I dwindled to practically nothing again. You know how they always say that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit? I seem to break that mold. I'd like to be a flosser, but right now I don't even have any intentions in that department.

I also intended to read 50 books. Again, ha. Today I went through my record-keeping book about books that Jenn made me and was shocked to find out how little I read in 2006! (Granted, I didn't keep up with it in real-time very well, so I may have forgotten a book here or there, but still...) So in the interest of accountability, here are my totals:

books read: 23 (less than half! disgraceful!)
pages read: 7530 (yikes!)

I'm highly disturbed by these totals and vow to read more in 2007. And in case you're interested, here were my favorites:

Gilead -- Marilynne Robinson
Eventide -- Kent Haruf
Mrs. Kimble -- Jennifer Haigh
The Rector's Wife -- Joanna Trollope
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan -- Lisa See
Mrs. Mike -- Benedict & Nancy Freeman (thanks, Lara!)
The History of Love -- Nicole Krauss
Any Bitter Thing -- Monica Wood
The Kite Runner -- Khaled Hosseini

Here's to new beginnings!


Amie said...

Intentions is a good word instead of goals. I really do have good intentions, what happens to them?

I think that is awesome you are already down 2.5lbs. What a good way to start the new year! Hopefully that will help pull you out of the funk...

Maybe with the blog we can give progress reports and stick with the good intentions longers?

I think 15 weeks is a good amount of time to make some real progress, keep us posted. What are you doing for winter time exercise? I can't imagine riding your bike in the cold!

Amy W. said...

I like it . . . INTENTIONS. I may have to use that one. Miss Michelle, 23 books in nothing to scoff at. I think that is GREAT. I bet there are many others who could not even match it at half.

As for the weight, do it in a manner to be healthier and maintain a new lifestyle--instead of the pressure for a certain time. Michelle's #10 intention--be kind to yourself :)

Jill said...

Congratulations on losing 2.5 pounds already and for exercising 6 times in the new year!! That's great! I haven't exercised at all and I'm sure I've gained 2.5 pounds or more.

I feel the same way as you about the number of books I read last year. I felt like I was reading all the time, but I must not have kept as good a record as I thought because I'm seriously lacking. So far this year I've finished 2 books already (not bad for the 2nd week of January) and was just thinking today that if I kept up this pace I could read 52 books this year, now that would be great.

pam said...

Good for you for all that you did do, 23 book sounds really good to me since I read maybe 7, now that's sad.

Stick with your intentions and good luck.

Hannah said...

6 out of 9 days exercising is awesome my friend! Way to go :) I too need to be better about flossing but just can't bring myself to do it regularly when pregnant because of the whole bloody gums thing- blech.

Thanks for your list of favorites in 2006- considering the year you had with Eva I think it is amazing you made the time to read so much. Here's to hoping a 2 year old will let you read more in 2007!

Tasha said...

I've only exercised 3 times in 10 days... It makes me feel so much better that I am shooting myself in the foot by not doing it!

You can do all of this! I know it!

rebecca said...

I love the "intentions" and I loved your fave book list - they were some of my favorites, too! I finished the History of Love last week and just may reread it today.
I am so impressed not only with your exercise schedule thus far, but your motivation! You could bottle it up and sell it this time of year!

Crystalyn said...

thanks for sharing your favorite lists. i am needing suggestions as i read no where NEAR 23 books last year!!! my reading habits have been pathetic as of late and one of my "intentions" is to read more this year. i would be thrilled to read 23 books.

keep on keeping on with the exercise and weight. i am trying to exercise more too and trying to start up again at 6 months pregnant presents all sorts of fun things to deal with. i'm so impressed with your consistency and what you've already achieved. way to go! i don't know about you but when i'm exercising consistently what the scale is telling me just doesn't matter as much...i feel better no matter what.

what an exciting adventure to look forward to...paris in the spring. how fun!

amy m said...

I did a list of intentions last year as well thanks to Ali E. article in CK. I was sad to report that I only achieved 4 of them. I suppose it helps when your goals are in constant view.

Congrats on losing 2.5 lbs and being right on your way to loosing the weight you want. Hello Paris.

I can't believe your goal was 50 books in a year. That's basically 1 book a week. Sounds impossible for me. Don't be disturbed or frustrated by your total...I think reading 23 books a year and being a mother of 3 is a triumph.

Good Luck with your new goals. I feel like I break the mold as well. 30 days usually does not equals a habit for me.

amy m said...

michelle that last comment was mine. Don't know why the picture wasn't working.

Elizabeth said...

I fear I will never be a flosser, I have tried so many times. I love your book list.

jenn said...

good luck Michelle! And I want to know what you think of the Chili Queen since I was a little bummed by the Diary of Maddie Spencer!

Elisa said...

You are doing so great! 2.5 lbs already, amazing. Keep going...exercise is so great, not only to lose weight but it helps with digestion, bone density, emotions, chemicals, brain function (tons more stuff)....we would all feel so much better if we exercised regardless of weight. I needed to write that to remind myself to keep exercising even though I gain about 3 lbs a week (pregnancy). Now that the holidays are over I need to reign in my eating, and loafing. Thanks for the good example!

Laurie said...

Great idea to have a progress report. As others have said, I am very impressed with 23 books from a mother of 3. And, way to go with the exercising!!

Diana said...

I too like the word intentions, it maybe is easier to accomplish them instead of doing a formal goal.

You are so beautiful all the Paris girls will want to be just like you!

Jenny said...

I had never heard that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit. That's actually very interesting and gives me a lot of hope (at least for some of my goals). Way to go on the 2.5 lbs. I think if you good "intentions" for the next 12 weeks or so you will probably get some AWESOME results.

I am intrigued by your list that you read. I wish I liked to read I am just too easily side tracked.

melanie said...

I have daily intentions and sometimes they work and others not so good. I love it when I stick to it. Follow through is a huge hurdle for me.

This past year I think I might have gotten to 10 books. Now that is disgraceful! One book was over 1,000 pages (Gone with the Wind) so that makes my page count a little higher, right? I'm with you on reading more this year, I love it so why not? I already have a growing stack that I'm collecting.

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